Get neuLASH for Long Lashes & Lumify for Bright Eyes

Whether you wear lots of eye makeup, or none at all, having long luscious lashes and beautiful bright eyes are a surefire way to dazzle!

Lumify – for the Brightest Eyes Ever

Having the white of your eye clear from any redness makes you look more awake and alert. And if you’re going to be appearing in photos….you really don’t want that “Were you crying?” look that you hope your friend will photoshop out. They won’t. There are a number of products that will get the red out, but none are like Lumify by Bausch & Lomb. Lumify is FDA approved and works in one minute and lasts up to about eight hours. Other anti-redness drops often cause rebound redness, Lumify does not. Simply hold the bottle a few inches from your eyes, look up and drop one drop into each eye. If you wear contact lenses, wait ten minutes before putting them in. Jeepers peepers – so easy!

Available: Amazon

neuLASH Lash Enhancing Serum

I can’t apply false lashes, and though eyelash extensions are great, they’re not something I want to constantly have to keep up with. Besides, I actually enjoy applying mascara and so of course want to grow the longest and most fluttery lashes possible. A few months ago, a tube of Neulash Lash Enhancing Serum came my way and I immediately started using it. Every night I applied the clear serum to my upper lashes and kept waiting for something to happen. Admittedly I grew a little frustrated as it took longer than the approximated one month, but in six weeks my lashes were visibly longer and fuller. Friends even asked if I started using a different mascara because my lashes were suddenly making a more prominent appearance. Once you see the difference in your lashes, you can cut back to using the newLASH to every other night.

Available: Nordstromc

With Neulash and Lumify, you’ll be looking like a super star!

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