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Perched high above the busy Flatiron streets sits the Three Custom Color Specialists Color Studio. The innovator in custom blended makeup, Three Custom Color was founded more than ten years ago by Trae Bodge, Chad Hayduk and Scott Catto.


The line offers a wide range of Ready to Wear cosmetics, helpfully divided into ranges suited to both warm and cool skin tones, along with the custom side of the business, which recreates favorite discontinued shades for consumers nationwide and blends the perfect shades of lipstick, foundation, concealer and more for Color Studio visitors. Private one-hour consultations with a company color specialist is $65, while a meeting with either one of the company’s founders is a reasonable $105 (fees do not include product). Three Custom Color also offers the Ultimate Custom Makeover, a two hour makeup extravaganza that includes a consultation with a founder and a full cosmetics wardrobe of twenty custom products and tools.


I visited the clean, bright and modern Color Studio with two dilemmas at hand:

1. My eternal quest for the perfect concealer
2. A wearable red lippie for day

Founder Trae Bodge solved my concealer issue quickly as my fair skin was a perfect match for 3CC’s lightest shade of Crème Concealer in the Ready to Wear collection. The thick, creamy formula is appropriate for all skin types, even oily, and provides substantial coverage. It can even serve double duty as a foundation when applied sparingly.

As for the red lipstick dilemma, Bodge evaluated both my comfort level with color and my lifestyle along with the obvious factors of skin tone, lip shade and hair color. I left the studio with a cool toned, slightly sheer, berry red lipstick in hand. It’s at once bold and wearable. Mission Accomplished!

The Three Custom Color Specialists Color Studio is located at 54 West 22nd Street, 3rd Floor. For an appointment, call 888-262-7714. To purchase online, visit

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