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Get ready to get into the glamour of the season with an emphasis on simmering shades, full lashes and dramatic Hollywood-inspired glamour for an added dash of dazzle. Take a colorful cue from MAC Global Makeup Artist Gordon Espinet and give yourself a fabulous fall makeover.

Beauty News: What are the key trends for Fall 2006 beauty?
Gordon: Beauty for Fall ’06 really identifies a few trends. If there is one allover trend that we are seeing, it is a focus on technique versus color as we have seen in past seasons. At MAC we’ve named the key beauty trends as follows.

DIFFUSION LINE: The idea of makeup being skillfully blended on eyes, cheeks and lips to create an airbrushed finish.

LA DOLCE VITA: Eyes that are inspired for Anita Eckbert in the Fellini film. It’s a new take on
the look not a period makeup.

MASCUFEMIINITY: Girls that look like boys who look like girls. Think taupe as your primary color with full eyebrows. NEW WAVE. The 80’s club kid is back. False eyelashes, glitter and a bit of shock. This time it’s a sophisticated urban look.

LIP STRICT: This is a focus on lips. It isn’t about a 50’s Hollywood siren. Instead she might be a school teacher who toys with the idea of being a dominatrix.

Beauty News: In your opinion, what are some of the key mistakes women make when trying to incorporate these trends?
Gordon: I think that one of the biggest mistakes that women make with beauty trend is that they become fundamentalists. Never take beauty trends literally. Let them inspire you. Remember that makeup is to make you look beautiful…not necessarily trendy!

Beauty News: What are the new product lines that MAC will be debuting for the Fall?
Gordon: As usual, MAC has many launches for the fall. We start with our Fall color story called UNTAMED. This collection uses the most flamboyant colors in nature that are blended onto the face to give a look that is soft and strong at the same time. The next color story is called ROCKOCCO. This is a collection that blends Baroque and Rock and Roll. Colors are rich and textures are ornate. The way that it is applied is what gives it the edge. We will also launch LIP VARNISH. A highly pigmented, high shine liquid lipstick. LOUD LASH is a new long wear, water resistant, curl enhancing mascara. The final Fall launch is STUDIO MIST foundation. A spray mist foundation.

BeautyNews: With global beauty becoming a huge part of the business, how is this affecting beauty going forward?
Gordon: Our business at MAC continues to grow exponentially. MAC has always created makeup for ALL RACES, ALL SEXES, ALL AGES.

Beauty News: Have you noticed an increase in different standards of beauty and the tips and techniques we borrow from other cultures?
Gordon: Beauty tricks are and have always been shared among cultures. At the end of the day, whether you are from Argentina, China, Quebec or Sudan…all women want to be beautiful.

BeautyNews: With the change in season, should a woman change her beauty regimen?
If so, what are the key changes?
Gordon: Depending on where you live, the change of season can mean that your environment can change dramatically. Temperatures and humidity level changes can affect the appearance of your skin. You may need to change your beauty products to suite the environment.

Beauty News: Who are some of the leading beauty icons that you admire?
Gordon: I adore Audrey Hepburn and Sophia Loren. They are all about being women in control of their destiny.

Beauty News: What products should every woman have in her beauty arsenal no matter what time of the year?
Gordon: No matter what time of year, one needs a few key products. A great broad-spectrum sunscreen, a spray mist like MAC Fix Plus, seven great brushes, a mascara and a lipstick that makes you feel fabulous.

Beauty News: Is beauty a regional thing- for example, in NYC there is a particular style of beauty that seems to be more edgy and fashion forward whereas in LA the beauty scene is almost as plasticized as the fake breasts- everyone here looks tanned and bronzed 24 hours a day. How much does where you live play into beauty?
Gordon: Beauty is definitely regional. Priorities, environment and lifestyle determine how cultures approach beauty. The basic ideals remain the same though. Symmetry and health is a global standard.

Beauty News: In terms of your personal schedule, what are some up and coming projects that you are working on?
Gordon: Fall is always a bit hectic for me. There are the International Collections in New York, London, Milan, and Paris. I will also be at the LA Fashion Week in the third week of October.

Beauty News: How can a woman punch up the boring basics – the Fall neutrals that we so oftentimes find ourselves stuck in?
Gordon: Sometimes simply taking a chance and adding a new color to your existing palette makes all of the difference. Try a red lip if you normally wear neutral. Usually the subtle changes make all the difference.

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