Gluten-Free and Vegan Makeup for Fall


This year is all about eco-chic — healthy organic, vegan and even gluten-free beauty. Dietary restrictions do not only apply to the food on your plate but to the make up on your face. Now that we know that whatever gets into our skin ends up into our bloodstream, it seems like a good idea to avoid the same ingredients that we do not want to eat when it comes to our beauty routines.

These gluten-free and vegan cosmetic lines stay away not only from toxic ingredients, chemicals, and heavy metals but also from animal-derived ingredients and even wheat. Here are two of my favorite brands and how to find all the tools and palette to create this fall’s trending looks if you are a gluten-free or vegan belle.

This fall, softly glowing skin is the norm with a slight pink blush. A good pink blush should make you look as though a cold wind brushed past your cheeks.

If you deal with oily skin and blemishes, get a hold of the new Smooth Affair by Jane Iredale, a wonderful vegan and gluten-free primer that will minimize pores and reduce the appearance of blemishes, leaving your skin even, soft and naturally luminous.

For even more coverage, try indie brand Au Naturale’s gluten-free, vegan Creme Foundation. It is comprised of premium pigments that are mixed with pure organic oils to smooth out and even the skin, leaving it fresh and dewy. You will love the feathery texture, packaged in a roll-on stick, which you rub on to skin for flawless, velvety coverage. Available in porcelain, honey and more. Get it at

For this fall’s “flushed cheeks” look, try Jane Iredale’s Mineral Blush with colors so subtle you really seem to blush from within… as if you had fallen in love or have just come in after a brisk walk in the woods. It’s wheat-free bu it’s t not 100 percent vegan, as it contains carmine.

Statement eyeliner remains a key player this fall, allowing for an intriguing array of day-t- night looks. Jane Iredale’s gluten-free and vegan eyeliner in black and black/brown will allow you to nail all of your seductive glances without irritating your eye’s fragile skin. Finish off your look by applying the vegan Jet Black Pure Lash Lengthening Mascara to your top and bottom lashes.

As we found out on the runway last September, this fall’s top color is berry. Au Naturale’s totally non-toxic lipstick in Marion Berry is superb, bold and in sync with trend.

Strong reds are also dominating through the end of the year. Au Naturale’s chubby pencil in Burgundy is a matte red that is sexy and smooth. It’s perfect for that candlelit moment enhanced by a glass of French wine. Ingredients for both include jojoba and pomegranate seed oil.

On your sensitive lids, try Bliss and Addiction shadows in the Au Naturale Vegan collection for an edgy, mysterious look that will keep life interesting during those long, cold months. Use with an angled liner brush… or use as an eyeliner or to polish your brow line.

Jane Iredale’s highly-pigmented collection of Pure Pressed Eye Shadow Singles is also ideal with new fall (and beyond) hues such as Mermaid, Champagne and Dark Suede. Apply wet or dry for a superb, crease-free finish.

All these products are gluten-free. If you have allergies and sensitivities, try these two collections, as they are of exquisite quality. Not only do the brands not cause allergies, but the ingredients allow your own natural beauty to shine through. Today’s natural trend is more gentle on the body and full of benefits!

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