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Everything about your face is unique, from its shape, to its bone structure, to the proportion of your features to the tone and type of the skin. Logically, whatever foundation, concealer or powder you apply to your face should be as distinct as your DNA! New York based freelance makeup artist Catheryn Marlowe, who doubles as an actress, is fully aware that womens’ foundation needs aren’t always met by the array of shades offered by major cosmetics companies. Women are left to mix and match or to locate a shade that’s “closest” to her skin tone rather than enjoy something exact and perfect! That dilemma is effectively erased by the Custom Blend foundation technique that Marlowe uses as a representative of Motives, a makeup line that is only available in salons and for artists. Custom Blend addresses your specific skin needs and issues.

Motives MakeUp Custom Blend foundation is like a second skin. It’s a professional line available only to makeup artists and salons. It is not retailed in stores and must be 50% serviceable. A consultation is free, with a purchase of a foundation which usually runs $40 to $45 dollars. The consult and mixing of the foundation takes all of 30 minutes. Marlowe can come to your house or set you up at an NYC studio for the consult. All of your information is kept on file so your formula is recorded for future use!

First, Marlowe analyzes skin tone and type and then blends a formula especially for you and your skin. She can customize a formula that addresses women who battle rosacea and she can come up with a blend for even the hardest-to-match skin tones. Marlow can also add ‘Sheer Silk,’ a product designed to fill in fine lines that sometimes peek out from underneath foundation that is applied to more mature skin. She can also add pearl for younger women who prefer that dewy, glowy sheen to their skin. Custom Blend foundation can be created exactly how you want it and to your desired specifications. You can even have a dollop of sunscreen added to your formula for the summer months or a moisturizer whipped in for the winter. If you tan or spend a lot of time in the sun, you can have your formula adjusted for the months when your skin is darkened. There are endless possibilities that come with Custom Blending.

Regardless of your needs, the result is a face that is a flawless, which makes the Custom Blend a favorite among actresses and models who require perfect faces for their jobs under the bright lights on and off the big screen.

For my personal consult, Marlowe analyzed my skin tone as a “cool” and therefore added some mint green pigment to neutralize some of the pinkness in my skin. Additionally, she mixed in some lilac coloring, to balance out some of the yellow that was also present in my skin. Instead of trying to get “close” to my skin tone, she was able to get an exact match with a Custom Blending. I ended up looking like I had higher cheekbones, thanks to the removal of the pinkness in my cheeks! My skin is in great condition and I never break out, but my skin looked like an even, perfected canvas and she was able to effectively create the illusion of cheekbones without using blush and other sculpting products. Best of all, it didn’t feel heavy or cakey. It looked and felt light.

To set up an appointment, contact Marlowe at 212-560-4349 or starmakeovers@aol.com. For even more information, visit http://www.motivescosmetics.com.

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