Goldie: A New Generation of Cosmetics

A long time ago, in a land far away Dineh Mohajer transformed her college pad into a makeshift factory. Working away, hours on end, she developed funky pastel polishes that were a hit with celebrities and trendsetters alike. This was the birth of Hard Candy ([url=][/url]). Helping her along the way, Jeanne Chavez was a key ingredient in the Hard Candy recipe from the very beginning. Together, Jeanne and Dineh set trends and expanded the Hard Candy line into a full range of cosmetics. Fashion and music influenced the Hard Candy line, making the makeup line not only original, but edgy. Capturing the attention, of the young consumer, Hard Candy established its name as a leader of innovation in the cosmetic industry. After selling Hard Candy, this dynamic duo took some time off, but were busy dreaming up their next brand ¼.

(Present time) Dineh and Jeanne are back with yet another fantastic creation. Introducing Goldie. Representing a fusion of preppie and punk, Goldie consists of a range of color cosmetics reflective of music, style and fashion. Inspired by a blend of “Papagallo pretty and anarchy, Goldie is manners gone mad.” This line is fresh, fun and reasonably priced. Offering everything from lip gloss, nail polish, bronzers and special made gift packages, Goldie offers an entire spectrum of cosmetics. After sampling some of the line, here are some favorites that everyone should try.

Goldie lip gloss is the perfect formula. Not so sticky that your hair gets stuck to it (and face it ladies, we’ve all been there), and not so slippery that it slips right off. The best part about the lip glosses are the slight hint of vanilla scent. Not only will your lips shine, but they’ll smell yummy for those late night smooching sessions. Perfect for any pout are Leslie – a sheer cherry red, Clean Sheets – a high shine clear gloss and Doll – a shimmery light pink. Lip Glosses retail at $14.

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For those of us who don’t have enough room in our purses or make up bags, for the Goldie Lip Gloss, Goldie has come up with mini glosses. Perfectly made to toss in an evening bag, or tuck into a back pocket. Packaged in the most adorable mini tulip and covered with Goldie art (tiny little hand drawn butterflies and blades of grass), these palm sized glosses are so cute you’ll want to carry them around just to show them off. Packed with the same staying power, as the regular glosses, they come in such fun colors are Pomme – a candy apple red, Brownie – which emphasizes your natural lip color, with a little extra umph and Nylon – a shimmery naked bronze. Mini glosses retail at just $7.

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After searching high and low, for the best nail varnish formula ever, Goldie finally found it in Gay Paris. While most polishes tend to chip or crack, after two days, Goldie’s Nail Lacquer manages to have some staying power. Free of toluene and formaldehyde, there is no need to worry that the Nail Lacquers will be damaging to your natural nails. All shades are housed in a petite, yet curvy bottle, blossoming under a delicate white flower cap. Tantalize your toes or nails winter, spring, summer, or fall. Polishes are available in all shades from deep blood red to delicate sheer pink and retail for $8.

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That’s it you say? Of course not! Why would Jeanne and Dineh stop at polishes and glosses? Goldie offers a wide range of “boxes”. The Mani and Pedi Boxes are filled with everything for nails, and available in deep red and kitten pink. The Face Kits are a double-layered box that is loaded with six shades of gloss, two creamy cheek formulas, a blush, highlighter and two eyeshadow shades. The portable disc is packed with everything any on the go needs. Three lip glosses, two eye shadows and one powder blush. The discs are also available in two shades, Remix (traditional colors) and Cradle (neutral peach shades). Also available are Lip Kits and a Brow Kit. Why would you need to go anywhere else for all your beauty needs?

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All Goldie products are conveniently available at [url=][/url] or at Bath and Body Works flagship stores. All Goldie products are wallet friendly and prices range from $7 to $39. What are you waiting for? Treat yourself to a little Goldie.

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