Green Beauty Best Bets: Freegirl, Venics, Croons, Good Hippie + Manifest

The beauty industry has been criticized by environmentalists for years for the use of controversial ingredients in lotions and creams; as a result, increasingly more consumers request beauty products that are toxin-free and totally earth friendly. New emphasis is also placed on the packaging materials, encompassing everything from the plastic used for containers and jars to the non-sustainable wipes and cotton pads that add to toxic waste in the environment. An outrageous 120 billion units of plastic is produced worldwide annually. So, if you’re serious about greening your beauty routine, select these products below with non-toxic, biodegradable ingredients, reusable materials, and recyclable packaging:

No More Wipes
Exfoliate your skin and clean your pores thoroughly with a better, eco-friendly reusable cleansing pad from Croon. Using fibers and water, the machine-washable pads replace your disposable cotton balls and wipes (that require 100 years each to decompose) while lasting up to 200 washes (about 2 years). Choose between different adorable kits such as the Essentials Kit that includes one exfoliator fiber and 3 cleansing fibers in a washer bag. Save the environment and money by using these amazing pads. Croon received the Dermatest 5-star Guarantee rating and is a leader in driving behavioral changes in the way we use and dispose of personal wipes, by additionally allowing customers to send their croons pads to be recycled by the company. Discover the collection at

Better Sponges
Replace your regular non-biodegradable makeup sponge with this sustainable sponge by Venics Beauty that comes with its own cute metallic traveling case made with titanium alloy. The flat side blends out the foundation, the other flat side  defines cheekbones, and the flat top side is perfect to bake the under eye area, under the cheekbone, chin and nose. So cute and so essential, order it at

Less Waste
Stop polluting the earth with disposable wipes by using the ultra-soft Glowy Skin Makeup Removing Cloths by Venics Beauty. The cotton fibers feel very good on the skin and are so effective at cleansing gently that you can use the cloth on your eyes to remove all traces of make up, even without lotion. Each machine washable cloth wipe can be used up to 1000 times, the equivalent of 4000 pieces of makeup wipes. Venics Beauty uses only organic, all-natural, sustainable, and responsible ingredients. Learn more about it at


Toxins Be Gone!

Along your new sustainable cloth pads, sponges and wipes, use Freegirl‘s line of safely made, plant-based, toxin free skincare with organic and wild crafted ingredients. With spike lavandin, the Kind Hearted Cleansing Milk gently cleanses your skin, clarifying it and moisturizing – while soothing acne blemishes. Freegirl products are biodegradable, with botanically-based herbal formulas comprised of food grade, cruelty free, gluten free, non-GMO and synthetic free ingredients, a higher category in green skincare. Also, Freegirl does not use plastic except to for very small samples. The full size products are packaged in UV protective violet glass to preserve the quality of the products Look it up at

Healthier, Helping Serum

If you suffer from reactive, acne-prone, eczema, or dermatitis, your skin will love the Freegirl Happy Hydration Serum for oily, acne prone sensitive skin as it calms and hydrates with kava kava, aloe vera gel, and pomegranate seed oil. Use by itself or before applying your moisturizer to bring out balanced appeased skin. Freegirl helps girls affected by human trafficking. Read about this original and healthy line for today’s smart, free thinking and engaged girls at

Heal with Gemstones

Balance your hormones and strengthen your spirit naturally with the medicinal energy of gemstone therapy in The Good Hippie’s new line of essential oil rollers. The small batch artisan Manifest line includes three roller-glass bottles: Courage, Empowerment and Resilience. The Empowerment blend with Tigers Eye stones helps to calm, ground and awaken you; the Courage one includes fluorite with rosewood to uplift & lavender to heal your spirit; and the Resilience bottle helps you stay hormonally balanced.The Manifest line is eco-friendly, vegan and kind. To celebrate the launch of Manifest in February 2019, The Good Hippie initiated a philanthropic partnership with Souljourn Yoga, a non-profit dedicated to raising funds and awareness for girls education globally. Discover this non-toxic, sustainable line that heals the spirit and body gently at