Guest Column: Party Makeup Tips From MUA Heather Adessa

Heather C. Adessa, an independent hair and makeup artist from New York, checked in with Beauty News to provide some crucial tips and tricks for the holiday party season. Want to know how to transition from your work day to night office party and how to turn heads without raising eyebrows? Adessa tells us how and with which products!

“Many office parties are right after work, so you need to go from your day/work outfit to your night/party outfit in a matter of minutes! Opt to wear more basic makeup during the day on the day of the party so you can just add to it for the night event. Adding a winged eyeliner or a cat-eye effect is simple and can be added over any makeup look! I love Josie Maran’s Magic Marker Argan Liquid Eye Liner. It glides on smooth and dries quickly letting you create a flawless liner even in a rush! What I also like about this liner is the packaging is more like a pen, making it easier for you to hold while applying.”

To apply, Adessa says, “Start the liner pen above the inner top lashes and work glide outward. If you feel your hand is shaky, make dashed lines first, then go back over to connect the dashes.” It’s as simple as connecting the dots. She continued, “This liner can be done for any type of party, family, work, friends. Extend the liner further out for a fun and dramatic look, while keeping it a little shorter for a work or more formal event.” One product, many possibilities.

For glamouristas on the go, hitting one party right after another, Adessa offered a quick application that can even be done on a subway or bus or in a cab. Just be careful. One pothole and you could poke your eye out! She said, “Adding a little glimmer in the inner corner of your eye brightens up your eyes and adds a glow that works for any event! I love using MAC’s All That Glitter’s Eye Shadow. Use a shadow brush to dab the powder around the inner corner of the eye. You will instantly see your eyes pop! This look will enhance any makeup application and can be used for any type of party: family, friends, work.”

Adessa doesn’t want you to fear the bold lip, either. If there’s any excuse to go bold, it’s a party. Try it, if only for one night. Live a little. She said, “One of my favorite looks, which many are afraid to do, is a bold lip. A bold lip goes such a long way with any outfit. Keeping the rest of your makeup somewhat soft, and not forgetting blush, is a must! A bold lip will bring a pop of color to a more subtle outfit. Wear a simple black dress with a bold red or deep plum lip is always a perfect option. Chanel’s Rouge Allure Laque give bold color in a gloss-like tube. #75 Dragon is a blue-based red that works extremely well with olive skin tones. #79 Mandarin is a perfect shade of red for lighter skin toned women. If you want to work a plum-tone, a beautiful deep plum is Dior Addict in Decadent Plum.”

Adessa offered a crucial piece of advice. “Remember, just because the word ‘party’ follows ‘office’ doesn’t mean it’s a club zone,” she warns. “Your boss and many others you work with will be at this ‘party.’ You still need to be professional, from the way you act, to the clothes and makeup you wear. Keeping a somewhat professional look is necessary. When it comes to family and friends, you can be yourself — hopefully. If you are going to try something new, doing it at a friend’s or family party, or better yet, a party you are throwing yourself, would be the time to do it , taking into consideration where the party is being held. The venue helps guide you on how you should look. Is it formal? Informal? Indoor BBQ? Outdoor in a warmer climate, etc.”

Go here for more info on Heather Adessa.

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