A Deep Dive Into The World of Ceremonia

As the beauty industry continues to evolve and introduce new brands, the market is expected to reach about $580 billion by 2027. This rapid growth underscores the significance of innovative brands, and one trailblazing company that stands out in the crowded space and continues to shape the ever-evolving industry is Ceremonia.

Ceremonia is a clean hair care brand rooted in Latinx heritage. The brand’s essence is grounded in the personal journey of its creator, Babba Rivera. Growing up as a Latina American immigrant in Sweden’s culturally homogeneous landscape, Rivera encountered little to no representation, sparking her search for something more.

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Rivera felt underrepresented, but her deep cultural roots in hair and beauty were profound due to her Chilean mother’s heritage and her father, a dedicated hairdresser. Rivera’s upbringing instilled a great appreciation for the importance of personal care, and at 18, Babba decided to take a leap of faith, becoming the first in her family to pursue a degree in the US. She joined the tech industry, where she was one of the few women, and eventually made New York her permanent home.

Despite being part of a thriving Latinx community, Rivera still felt the need for more. This sentiment pushed her to bridge the gap and forge her own personal connection, which resulted in the launch of the brand. In 2020, Ceremonia began its mission to honor the richness of Latin culture by creating clean, sustainable hair products fueled by natural ingredients, wellness, and community.

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As a Latina, it’s safe to say I’ve tried out countless brands catered specifically for curly-haired consumers like me. However, Ceremonia is a brand that has stood out, and I’ve admired it since day one. The overall mission, the product lineup, and the diversity across their social media platforms caught my attention early on, as well as that of many others, as evidenced by their massive followings and trendy nature.

I recently had the chance to try out the full product line, and let me say, I’m blown away. It’s been a long time since I’ve found a brand where every single product worked for me. From the shampoo to the oil to the deep conditioner, my hair loved every second with Ceremonia.

Here is a round-up of my must haves from the brand:

Photo by Ceremonia

The Guava Rescue Spray ($24) is like magic in a bottle. This super spray works at detangling, shields against UV and heat from styling tools and harsh weather, and effectively fights frizz. Not only do the natural ingredients such as guava, butterfly ginger, and avocado fortify the hair, but they also impart strength and deliver so much hydration. I don’t use heat tools as much, so I used this spray mostly as a detangler before and after washing and it left my soft and easy to comb through.

Photo by Ceremonia

The Guava Leave-In Conditioner ($27) is key to hydration repair. I used this as the first step of my styling routine after wash day and it makes such a difference. The guava provides the hair with powerful antioxidants, while safflower, tamarind and aloe vera extracts give maximum hydration for absorption and shine. There’s a reason this product has won across Allure, Glamour and Elle.

Photo by Ceremonia

When I first saw the Aceite de Moska Hair Oil ($32), I was intrigued by the name. A little research and I found out the main ingredient is derived from the Dominican Republic as a hair care staple for generations of natural hair growth. One thing I realized when trying this product out is that healthy hair begins at the scalp. It’s all about nurturing where growth starts.

When I first applied this oil, I was so impressed because a little goes a long way. It not only helped with my semi dry scalp before wash day but I used it to break my hair cast as the final step in my curly routine, and it left my hair so shiny and my curls were defined.

Photo by Ceremonia

The Guava Protect and Repair Wash Duo ($38) is a reparative, sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner designed for damaged and color-treated hair. This powerhouse combination is infused with guava, a key ingredient in many Ceremonia products, to shield hair from external factors such as bleach, heat tools, chlorine, and UV rays.

I’ve used many great-smelling products, but this duo surpasses them all. The scent is natural, fruity and playful and lingered for days. After several washes, I can confidently say these two products left my hair noticeably softer, and my curls appeared hydrated.

Photo by Ceremonia

The Pequi Styling Gel ($24) is a clean, light gel with excellent hold. It’s incredibly helpful for defining curls and adds shine to the hair. I’ve tried using it for a slicked-back bun, but I prefer it for extra definition for my wash-and-go styling. Derived from Brazil, the active ingredient is pequi oil, which provides hydration and hold without leaving a crunchy feeling.

Photo by Ceremonia

And finally, my favorite product, aka the MVP: the Mascarilla de Babassu ($34). This deep conditioner is a game-changer for compromised hair. I’ve written about my history with bleached hair and how I’m on the road to embracing my natural color, and this treatment helped so much with the damage and dryness. The product is packed with ingredients like babassu oil and cupuaçu butter from Peru, which provide maximum hydration and strength.

After using Ceremonia for a few weeks, I have 100% converted to a cult follower. I’m excited to continue incorporating these products into my everyday hair routine and look forward to what’s to come for the brand.

Check out all of the products mentioned at their website, online at Sephora or in-person at their flagship location in New York City.

Kyrah Quilan Senior Editor at Beauty News NYC
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