A Tsunami of Hydrating Moisture for Your Hair

Masami offers all the qualities I seek in an ideal shampoo and conditioner. The company’s marine-rich botanical formulas are made in the USA without phthalates, sulfates, alcohol, or parabens. Check! The brand does not test on animals and is safe for color-treated hair. Check!

After washing my shoulder-length hair with Masami’s hydrating shampoo and hydrating conditioner, my hair felt extraordinarily silky, soft, and deeply hydrated. Hands down, this haircare pairing was even more hydrating than a high-quality custom-made shampoo and conditioner that was formulated specifically for my hair type, hair condition, and personal preferences.

Masami hits different! The low-foaming shampoo does not produce a lot of lather, which might bother some users. However, the lack of abundant lather did not trouble me at all. I was able to cleanse my hair quite well using only a small amount of the shampoo and it rinsed out nicely.

The hydrating ingredients in Masami’s haircare products gently transforms parched hair into softer and more manageable hair without weighing hair down. Highly recommended.

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Rachelle Nones

Lifestyle Writer

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