Act + Acre Tackles Dry Scalps With New Microbiome Cooling Serum

Embracing the arrival of fall with open arms no longer means worrying about the toll it might take on our scalp. Seasonal transitions can be tough on our skin, leaving it feeling uncomfortably dry and flakey. Fortunately, Act + Acre is here to rescue us with their highly anticipated Microbiome Cooling Scalp Serum  ($68) – marking their first serum release since their best-selling Stem Cell Serum was launched in January 2021. We’re hopeful that the relief we’ve been craving is finally within reach.

This cooling scalp serum is specifically designed to provide instant relief for pesky dry scalp itch. It also targets dandruff flakes, regardless of scalp condition. The serum works to prevent scalp conditions, whether you’re grappling with dandruff, psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, or any other scalp issues.

So, what’s the secret to its effectiveness? It operates on a two-pronged approach. First, it contains peppermint oil, delivering a refreshing and soothing sensation that offers immediate relief. I personally applied it before bedtime, and its refreshing effects made my nightly routine even more enjoyable. Second, the serum contains the trademarked Amino M³ Complex™, a powerhouse blend that’s all about purifying and restoring your scalp’s microbiota balance to ensure long-term protection against sensitive scalps. 

Using it is a breeze. Just apply 2-3 pipettes to your clean scalp, treat yourself to a brief scalp massage, and leave it in – no rinsing required. The serum is lightweight, so the only reminder of its presence is the minty fresh scent. You can integrate it into your daily routine or use it whenever your scalp craves some extra care. Here’s a pro tip: combine it with Act + Acre’s Detangling Hair Brush ($34). After your shower, use the brush to give your hair follicles some tender loving care before applying the scalp serum. Your scalp will soon thank you.

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