Amika’s Normcore: Your New Daily Haircare

Often, when I’m searching for a new haircare product, I feel like Goldilocks–I want products that are not too stripping, but not too gentle; not too heavy, but not too light. With my fine-yet-high-density curly hair, the perfect routine is very hard to find. I think I’ve come pretty close, though, after trying the Amika Normcore line.

The Normcore collection is for hair that is fine to medium and is designed to give you nourished, softened locks. Amika (which is based in Brooklyn) makes tons of other collections with other hair goals in mind–volume, curl taming, strengthening, hydrating, detoxing, preserving color or blonde–the list goes on. Normcore, though, is perfect for those of us who still don’t know exactly what we need when it comes to hair. The best part? It has that intoxicating Amika signature scent. Officially described as a mixture of orange, grapefruit blossom, sandalwood spice, geranium, rose, amber, tonka bean, and vanilla, it’s truly divine and by far my favorite scent of any haircare brand (please make it into a perfume!). 

Amika Normcore Signature Sulfate Free Shampoo is the perfect balance between a cleanser that is moisturizing, but tough on dirt and oil. Packed with vitamins and antioxidants, it claims to leave hair 7 times more conditioned than other shampoos (as does the conditioner). I found that when I double-washed my hair, it removed all buildup and left my hair shiny–I didn’t need to use a separate detox shampoo.

Normcore Signature Conditioner is the perfect texture for my hair type. Although I have a lot of hair and need something thick enough for my curls, the hairs themselves are ultrafine and easily weighed down. I love that this conditioner is buttery smooth but not too greasy. I also find that when I use this combination, my curls look nice and I don’t need to add too much extra product. 

The newest addition to the Normcore line is the Perk Up Ultra Oil Control Dry Shampoo, another formulation of the viral dry shampoo that is even more potent. Here’s a life hack–use dry shampoo on clean, dry hair before you think you need it. That’s what I do, and it extends my styles by days. I’ve been loving this new addition to the collection and can confirm it does exactly what it claims. 

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