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Hair loss can be a sensitive topic for women. Many of us grow up emotionally attached to our locks, growing it as long as we can, treating it to hair masks and luxurious salon treatments while keeping it healthy with a proper diet and products. Which is why, with all this effort put in, hair loss can be a difficult issue to address.

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What are signs of hair loss in women?

Typical signs of hair loss in women include:

  • seeing increased hair fall out
  • thinning of the hair
  • thinner patches
  • a more visible scalp

The first signs of hair loss will typically start where the hair parts, the center of the head, and along hairlines. Many of these signs are a part of Female Patterned Baldness, a hormonal and genetic cause of hair loss that, if left unaddressed, will gradually progress and remain un-treatable.

It is important to note that your hair will shed strands daily as a part of its natural lifecycle. Hair goes through three phases: Anagen ( growth ), Catagen ( transition/shrinking of the follicle ), and Telogen ( rest and fall out ). You will likely shed anywhere from 50 to 100 strands of hair everyday and if you do not brush daily, it is possible that when you do there will be an increase of strands than you are used to.


What are the leading causes of hair loss in women today?

Approximately 40% of women will experience hair loss of some kind by the age of 50, with an increase during menopause. During 2022, there was an increase in “hair loss” searches on Google due Covid-19 induced alopecia. But why is hair loss in women so hard to address?

According to Dr. Christina Han, Medical Director at XYON Health, “Hair loss in women is complex and can be caused by a range of factors, including aging (including menopause), stress, nutrition, or any number of medical conditions, such as autoimmune diseases. One of the leading causes, however, is simply genetics and this is unfortunately progressive without treatment. This can be highly impactful psychologically on self-image and confidence. That’s why at XYON we encourage women to work closely with their healthcare providers from the first moment they notice hair loss to ensure their condition is correctly identified and any necessary medication-based treatments can be initiated. When it comes to treatment, early intervention is key – the earlier you treat, the better the chances of maintaining existing hairs, preventing further loss, and even promoting new regrowth.”


How to treat hair loss in women?

Hair loss in women can be treated in several ways. A straightforward option is using Calecim’s stem cell hair regrowth serum as a hair loss treatment.

Minoxidil, the generic version of Rogaine, is a common topical used for regrowing fine hair. Originally used to treat high-blood pressure, it was found to be effective in growing hair for patients and could be applied directly to the scalp.

Finasteride and Spironolactone are medications that fight dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT is a hormone linked to causing hair loss by shrinking hair follicles.

Other estrogen and progesterone medications may also have an effect on hair loss.

Non-medication methods to help hair growth and healthy hair are using hair care products that stimulate hair growth and increasing blood circulation in your scalp such as through head massages.

Lastly, hair transplants are also an option for suitable candidates.


Treating hair loss at home

Not everyone wants to go to a doctor to treat their hair loss concerns. But going to a doctor for a solution can be simpler than it seems, and done from the comfort of your own home.

XYON Health is a digital health company and e-commerce platform that was specifically created to target the problem of hair loss. Founded by Dr. Victor Hasson, a world-renowned hair restoration expert, and Dr. Simon Pimstone, a leading physician, scientist, and entrepreneur, XYON Health takes a modern approach to solving hair loss with their combined prescription formulated products, science-based at-home solutions, and virtual assistance from medical professionals.


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XYON Health Prescription Solutions

XYON Health’s team of medical professionals can work with customers via consultations to view their particular case of hair loss and see if they are a good fit for specific medications.

A part of the offerings at XYON Health lies in their carefully formulated prescription gel topicals and tablets, utilizing hair regenerative ingredients such as finasteride, minoxidil, and XYON Health’s own SiloxysSystem Gel. After a guided specialist reviews your intake questionnaire, you can request a particular treatment and get customized recommendations according to your particular hair loss situation. Once a treatment has been chosen, you will have your products delivered straight to your door for free. This is typically for 90 days, though you can change it online via an online portal.


XYON Health At-Home Hair Care Collection for Women

If a prescription is not possible at this time, XYON Health has a great alternative. The digital health company recently launched their women’s over-the-counter hair care line that provides a complete hair loss fighting system.

This new line consists of their XYON Activate Performance Shampoo, XYON Fortify Performance Conditioner, XYON Revitalize Scalp Serum, and the XYON Nourish Perfecting Hair Oil.

The XYON Activate Performance Shampoo and XYON Fortify Performance Conditioner feature key ingredients vegan biotin, white nettle flower, ginseng and honey locust seed. This combo encourages hair growth and fights DHT, a hormone that makes it hard for healthy hair to survive, without having to forego a luxurious in-shower experience with its gorgeous fragrance notes of blooming rose, cedarwood and lychee. The XYON Revitalize Scalp Serum acts as an anti-inflammatory and stimulates hair growth. Lastly, the XYON Nourish Perfecting Hair Oil nourishes hair and protects it from environmental stressors.



Hair loss is a tricky problem to address with its various potential causes from environmental stressors, to medications and deficiencies, to genetics. Because of this, it is important to address it early with a medical professional. Addressing the problem early allows you a better chance of retaining your hair, keeping it healthy, and encouraging new growth.

Meanwhile, here at Beauty News, we will keep you updated on all hair loss solutions that come up.


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