Beat The Winter Hair Blues With Curlisto

One thing I love about having curly hair is trying all of the fantastic brands out there in the beauty world. Recently, I discovered Curlisto, a haircare brand for all curly hair types with nourishing ingredients. What made this brand stand out to me is their special Curlplex Technology.

The system helps reconstruct damaged hair, strengthens roots, sustains cysteine bonds in curly hair to eliminate frizz, reinforces curl strength and hydration, corrects porosity for vibrant, healthy hair, and preserves color and moisture.

Curlisto’s products feature a unique blend of six special ingredients, including Curlplex, designed to nourish and protect your curls. Acetyl Tetrapeptide-3 fills in damaged areas and promotes new hair growth, Biotin supports hair roots and enhances growth, Green Apple Stem Cells boost healthy scalp cell propagation and increase collagen for stronger hair. Copper Tripeptide-1 promotes hair growth factors, Black Truffle Oil restores moisture balance, and Sweet Almond Oil moisturizes the scalp.

Together, they create a weightless complex that leaves your hair repaired, shiny, and defined from within. Here are a few products that I loved:

The Light One Styling Gel ($33)

The Light One Styling Gel is a gentle, alcohol-free gel suitable for all hair types. It employs Curlplex technology to strengthen hair from within, providing thermal protection and leaving curls shiny without damage. This gel enhances bounce, maintains shape, and delivers a soft, natural finish.

The Loving Leave In ($33)

The Loving Leave In is a daily leave-in conditioner for all hair types. This alcohol-free, lightweight formula provides thermal protection, ensuring your curls stay shiny and healthy. It’s great for pre-styling or refreshing curls between styling sessions. With patented Curlplex technology, it rebuilds bonds from within, leaving your hair shiny, frizz-free, and full of body.

The Curl Complete Cream ($33)

The Curl Complete Cream is a strong curl cream, designed for medium- to course-textured hair, that provides maximum manageability while leaving curls soft to the touch. Keratin Amino Acids, partnered with our patented Curlplex technology, work to rebuild Cysteine bonds from the inside out and strengthen hair fibers. The alcohol-free curl cream offers thermal protection to keep your curls shiny and damage-free while fighting frizz all day.

The Uplifting Frizz Free Foam ($33)

The Uplifting Frizz Free Foam is a volumizing foam that helps lift roots up to give hair more body, moisture and smoothness. Designed for all hair types, especially finely textured hair. This non-flaking, non-crunch foam offers thermal protection to keep your curls shiny and damage-free. Formulated with patented Curlplex technology that works to rebuild bonds and improve hair strength from the inside out.

Check out Curlisto and their full product line online at their website!

Kyrah Quilan Senior Editor at Beauty News NYC
Kyrah Quilan

Kyrah, a native New Yorker, embodies a unique blend of urban sophistication and creative spirit. With a background in PR and communications, she loves all things lifestyle, beauty, fashion and travel. You can find her scouring thrift shops for hidden gems, spending hours on her curly hair routine, planning her next solo trip, or curating a bomb Instagram feed.