Rare is the hair product that can come in both a dry spray and oil form. But such is the case with Verb. The indie brand sells most of its products for just $16, thereby decreasing the degree of difficulty for making decisions regarding which cleansing or styling products to purchase since styling items tend to be pricier. Now, you don’t have mentally ping pong over which to buy!

The brand’s Ghost Oil is heaven in a bottle. It smells like fresh grapefruit and isn’t too slick or slippery. It tames frizzies, smooths split ends, and leaves behind a glorious smell and glass-like shine. It never weighs hair down and is like a ghost — you know it’s there and you see its effects, but you don’t see “it.” The only complaint is that the aroma fades too quickly. Ghost Dry Oil also comes in a dry shampoo form, which freshens and conditions locks through the day. I personally love them both for the addictive and delish smell.

If you are a New Yorker, good news. The brand’s NYC pop up shop is located on the Lower East Side of Manhattan at 136 Eldridge Street through October 30. Go forth and stock up — and enjoy the adorbs freebies the band doles out!