Part 1: Desert-Dry Hair, Be Gone!

Note: This is part 1 of a 3 part series looking at how different hair situations experience the & Goodies hair care product line.

My hair was thirsting for moisture until I treated it to a deeply hydrating session with & Goodies Hydrating Hair Mask. As I applied the creamy hair mask, I detected the pleasing scent of essential oils. I left it on for thirty minutes—twice the minimum recommended time. After rinsing my hair and letting it air dry, my silky, revitalized hair affirmed that the drought was over. Goody! Goody! Remaining in the jar was enough hair product for three additional weekly applications. & Goodies Hydrating Hair Mask will drench your hair with a torrent of precious moisture, pumping up the volume and unmasking its natural beauty.
Price: $35


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