Best New Hair Tools For Creating Holiday Looks

To create waves without driving yourself crazy, opt for Mermade Hair products , such as the Mermade Hair 32mm Pro Waver that creates big, beachy, and boho waves in seconds. It’s a game-changer for hair because it is so quick. Think of waffles. Simply clamp down the hair with the tool and release. You will have an instant ripple wave effect that is loved by celebrities and stylists around the globe. This is the only tool you need to simplify your hair routine, and it’s especially recommended for anyone who struggles with achieving waves with other tools. Find this amazing game-changer in hairdryers at

If you have shorter hair, you can still create the beachy ripple effect by using the Mermade Hair MINI 25mm PROFESSIONAL Waver. I especially love to use it when my hair looks lifeless, as it instantly creates crisp waves that retexture and revive your tresses – giving them that nonchalant charming boho look. Create lush waves for the holidays at

Blow drying your hair is one of the most tiring tasks; you need a very strong air charge and a light tool so that your arm does not tire from holding it. The new Ion Luxe Supercharged Hair dryer is exactly that. It is a mid-size, lightweight hair dryer with strong, full power. It features an ultra fast supersonic motor, adjustable hot air, cool air and speed settings. Your blow dry will take a lot less time without using any product, thanks to the ion technology that won’t dehydrate hair, yet quickens the process. The high velocity blade of air also permits styling a section at a time without disturbing the rest of your mane, and facilitating the process. Find this game-changing tool at

Hair tools make fantastic holiday gifts, so consider getting one for someone on your list!