BN Clean Cut: Eufora Hair Care Is Herbal Bliss In A Bottle

BN Clean Cut is a new column devoted to exploring brands with a cleaner, greener edge. The terms “clean” and “green” are highly subjective and (just like the term “natural”) not regulated at all. Every brand, retailer, or publication is likely to have their own definition. Instead of creating a single benchmark, we’re sharing each brand’s “claim to clean” to evaluate against your own standards.


Inspired by plant intelligence, Eufora harnesses the self-protective compounds plants produce to contend with the elements and relays that power into hair care. Eufora’s products are free of petroleum, parabens, mineral oil, sulfates, and artificial colors and fragrances, relying on a blend of nature-derived and safe synthetic ingredients. All plant extracts and essential oils used in Eufora products are classified as renewable resources and are biodegradable. Vegan-friendly products are marked with an icon for easy browsing.

Ecological harvesting and socially responsible practices are at the heart of the brand’s ethos. When we asked Eufora for a specific example, they highlighted their shine-delivering ingredient, mica. “Much of the world’s mica comes from unregulated mines relying on child labor in hazardous working conditions,” the brand told us. “We are proud to use only ethically sourced mica, from mines where children are not employed and working conditions are regularly monitored.” They also noted the black clay in their scalp-soothing Hero Black Clay Shampoo— after extraction, they complete a “holistic process of land restoration”—they say they often leave the land healthier than they found it.

The first thing that will grab your attention is the silky feel of the formulations and the intoxicating herbal scent. I love that the first ingredient in the Beautifying Elixirs I tried is sage and thyme extract—meaning those two extracts comprise the largest amount of the product of any ingredients on the panel. This is something to brag about, because even some legendary salon-born brands kick off their ingredient list with water and sulfates.

Those sage and thyme extracts mentioned above do more than just smell great—they also soothe and nourish the scalp while helping to prevent sebum clogging (i.e. helping avoid itchiness and flakes). A tri-sugar complex moisturizes and strengthens your strands by hydrating deep into the hair shaft. Proprietary complexes, like the Vibrant Color Complex in the products I sampled, are proven to help your hair color hold strong.


Beautifying Elixirs Moisture Intense Shampoo & Conditioner, $34.50 and $36
Formulated specifically for dry, brittle, and damaged hair, this shampoo and conditioner are godsends for color-treated hair with a luxe laundry list of natural, nourishing ingredients that moisturize, smooth, soften, and help retain color. While the straight-from-nature additions inside the bottle are the true superstars, I have to talk about the actual bottle too—It’s a sleek, neutral twist-top dispenser that just feels like luxury and elevates your shower shelf. I love that the herbal scent lingers in my hair ever-so-delicately all day.

Beautifying Elixirs Replenishing Treatment, $31.50
This deliciously creamy treatment is easy to do while in the shower—work through cleansed hair and then sweep up into a top bun to sit for 5-10 minutes before rinsing. It works from inside out, starting at repairing the inner cortex and ending at a smoothed outer cuticle. Inula extract and glycolipids penetrate deeply to deliver antioxidants for overall health and plenty of shine and vibrancy.

EuforaStyle Behave Lightweight Styling Cream, $26
With a cocktail of moisture-replenishing oils (Argan, Kukui, Neem, and Cranberry, to name a few…) plus amino acids and proteins, this cream is primed to define layers for that perfect piece-y-ness and has kept my natural waves smooth and tamed. True to its name, the lightweight cream doesn’t weigh down my fine hair and I especially love that this essentially acts as a styling agent and leave-in conditioner in just one step.

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