Bonus Quick Fix: Eufora’s CONCEAL Root Touch Up

Ever wish you could have a kabuki-style make-up brush + healthy color hair powder set small enough to fit in your purse for touching up roots whenever you please? Eufora’s CONCEAL Root Touch Up enables you to do just that, providing a temporary touch up to save the day for every situation.

You can conceal your regrowth instantly by dabbing at your hairline with this lightweight professional powder that appears to be natural as it expertly covers. For flawless, all-day concealing on the go, drop it in your make-up bag, purse, or backpack. This product enables you to extend your time between salon visits during the pandemic and save money. Choose between 5 vibrant shades: Black, Dark Brown, Brown, Auburn, and Blonde. Crafted with aloe vera for nutrients and hydration, Ionic attraction so pigments will adhere to hair, soy protein for hair strength, panthenol for conditioning, and silica silylate for oil absorption and texture. It’s also water-resistant for all day staying power.

For a no-mess, aerosol-free, chemical-free solution, you can find CONCEAL at