Boost Your Hair Goals with BondiBoost

As the sun starts shining brighter, I want to feel confident that my hair is well-prepared. I recently tried the HG Starter Kit from BondiBoost to get my hair ready for the summer elements. The kit includes; HG Shampoo to purify the scalp, unclog pores, and create an optimal environment for hair growth, HG Conditioner to energize the scalp, hydrate each strand, and promote overall hair health, and the Miracle Hair Mask to deeply condition, nourish, and encourage strong hair.



I started with the HG Shampoo, and the first thing I noticed was the invigorating scent. It felt like a mini spa treatment for my scalp. The lather was rich, and my hair felt squeaky clean. The HG Conditioner sealed the deal. My hair was noticeably softer and more manageable. I could run my fingers through it without any tangles—a rare feat for my damaged locks.

But the real game-changer was when I tried the Miracle Hair Mask. I applied it generously, wrapped my hair in a warm towel, and let the magic happen. After rinsing, my hair felt like silk. The split ends were less pronounced, and my hair had a healthy bounce. My hair tends to be dry, especially at the ends. After a few more uses of the Miracle Hair Mask, I’ve noticed a significant improvement in hydration- no more straw-like texture!



I’ve noticed that my hair is shinier, and looks healthier, and I even notice less hair fallout during my usual brushing routine.

With summer approaching, I’m thrilled about finding this preventative care kit. Sun, saltwater, and heat can wreak havoc on hair, but the HG Starter Kit has become my secret weapon. It’s also suitable for all hair types—straight, wavy, and curly—so everyone can benefit from it! If you’re looking to elevate your hair game ahead of summer, try BondiBoost.

Find the HG Starter Kit from BondiBoost here

Hannah Kadyrov

Hannah Kadyrov is a native New Yorker and first generation American. You can most often find her scouring a flea market in search .925 silver and vintage denim, visiting Brighton Beach to get a taste of nostalgic Russian delicacies, taking her cat on a walk in Central Park, or at the MET. She is an adventurous foodie and will never say no to a new taste. Hannah studied Fine Arts at The Fashion Institute of Technology before spending the next few years working different roles in Print Publishing and Advertising. Her current focus is reading as much as possible and writing about anything and everything.