Camille Rose: 5 Curly Hair Wash + Go Products

Dear curly hair readers: I love an in depth, lengthy, and luxurious wash routine with steamers, deep conditioners, and finger coils. Oh, how I wish this could be every hair washing but life goes on… with Camille Rose products.

After I wet my hair I apply the Sweet Ginger Cleansing Rinse. Part spicy, part sweet, all invigorating to my senses and scalp. The nozzle on the bottle enables me to reach my roots without tangles or spills, which is convenient for cutting down time and saving product. Sweet Ginger Cleansing Rinse is now a staple in my hair routine and its cleansing powers provide the perfect condition for the next step.

To condition my coils, they soak up the Moroccan Pear Conditioning Custard. A blend of sugary vanilla, juicy fruit, and rich cream with a helluva slip, I am able to finger detangle and twist my strands with ultra ease. Rinsing the custard out was a breeze.

While in the shower I go in with Curl Love Moisture Milk while my hair is still damp. The nourishing macadamia nut milk, rice milk, and vanilla soften my curls. I used this milk to refresh throughout the weeks, and have noticed my curls growing stronger after applying it. Major plus: this cream smells like cake batter!

To hold my style, Curl Maker is applied in sections. Curl Maker is an aloe vera-based gel that holds a curl for days on end. After the initial cast is broken, my coils turn into a luscious soft curl that is equal parts bouncy and shiny. Curl Maker shares the same sweet scent, which is lovely.

To oil my roots, I use Rosemary Oil Strengthening Hair & Scalp Drops. Rosemary oil is the hottest trend among the hair community with good reason: rosemary is known to stimulate hair growth. For applying, I use one full dropper throughout my roots and rub it in with my head between my knees for that rush of blood and extra boost of growth. I finish up with some oil on my ends to moisturize – and that’s my current hair routine! Camille Rose products have been such a treat to try and you can pick them up on their website, Target, or Walmart. May you have amazing hair days, dear readers!