Create Beachy Waves for Days

Bombay Hair’s 5-in-1 Curling Wand Set is a one-stop wave generating shop. Everything you need to create a dramatic mermaid hair style, big glamorous curls, or casual, tousled waves, is right in the box.

The set comes with five styling barrels of varied sizes, a barrel holder, a heat-resistant styling glove, a curling wand rest to keep the curling wand from rolling around when it is placed on a countertop, and two hair claws.

Using the various barrels included in this 5-in-1-curling wand set, one can easily create a variety of styles, ranging from full loose waves to tighter, clumpier, and more defined waves.

If you are a complete klutz when it comes to working with styling tools, you might want to view this instructional video to glean helpful styling tips. With a little practice, you’ll soon be creating gorgeous Insta-worthy waves.


Rachelle Nones

Lifestyle Writer

Rachelle is a multimedia writer who reports on lifestyle topics ranging from fashion and beauty to food, travel, entertainment, and home decor. Rachelle has written several fictional mystery and detective ebooks as well as a journal/creative writing print workbook. Her latest detective genre ebook will be released this summer.