Deep Sleep or Cat Nap: A Hair Pillow That Makes A Difference

Beauty sleep is an element in my life that I cannot cut corners on. Therefore, what I lay my head upon at night has to be something exquisite, and I found that with the Hair Pillow. Hair Pillow is the brainchild of the renowned Dr. Dawn of  The Avenues Dental Associates, located in our grand city of NYC. Dr. Dawn found that her hairstyles would become destroyed after a night of high-quality sleep. She set out to craft a pillow that would be comfortable, stylish, and most importantly, protect fresh blowouts. The design is a curve to support the neck while the hair is fanned out and safe from any dents or tangles. Tghe pillow is covered in a deluxe satin material that comes in multiple candy-colored pastels (I received mine in Cosmic Shower, a pale lavender color). After sleeping with this pillow for some time, I noticed my hair quality skyrocketed: my curls felt healthier, and there was less breakage. Thanks to the satin, they held their shape, and thanks to the positioning of the pillow, my straight hair styles lasted twice as a cotton pillow. The Hair Pillow is hypo-allergenic and machine washable so this is the ultimate investment in your hair hygiene and sleep hygiene for years to come. A bonus: my skin has cleared up a bit too, thanks to the buttery soft satin! The Hair Pillow is for every head, and every hair type, and easy to use time and time again.