Doodle Doos: A Hair Salon for Kids…And Their Grateful Parents

Imagine a sunny, whimsical boutique in Greenwich Village where parents can get their hair cut while their children play with toys, books or videos nearby. And then, as parents read peacefully on a sofa, the children get their hair cut while sitting in an elevated boat or car, watching an educational video. Sounds like the stuff parents dream of, but this place really exists at 543 Hudson Street near the corner of Perry.

Doodle Doo’s just recently opened its doors for business on June 25th, and the concept is long overdue. The children’s salon was inspired by a similar place in Paris when owner Dana Rywelski lived there years ago, but she and her husband have made their place distinctive and friendly. Along with a resource library for adults and fun books for children, the boutique offers videos, toys, an egg chair, a tent and bubbles to delight, distract, engage or bribe children, depending on the child and situation (and most likely, the time of day).

The Doodle Doo’s salon also sells gift items for children of various ages and for parents as well. Of special note is their humorous baby T-shirt and maternity clothing line. For example, a black shirt with a picture of a pacifier on it has the word Pacifist written above it. Maternity shirts feature phrases like “Yes, I’m Pregnant” or “Not Finding Out.” The diaper bags for sale are gorgeous and functional, and high-quality bath and skin care items can be found in the salon too.

Children can receive a first haircut certificate, and parents can either describe the cut they want or look through a book of styles. Cuts are $30.

Open from 10:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 9.a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday. Sundays are reserved for children’s parties. Girls favor glitter-drenched glamour hairstyling parties and manicures, and boys like face-painting, tattoo and hair sculpting parties (think Mohawks, spikes, washable, wild colors). Moms can get manicure too!

Here’s another reason to go to Doodle Doos: owner Dana loves to hold the babies. She’ll tend to you and your needs from the moment you step foot in her salon. Don’t worry about the baby; just go there, relax, and get your hair cut in peace. If you have a toddler and an infant, that’s better. Visit for more information, or call 212-627-DOOS (3667).