Dream Coat The Frizz

Wow is exactly the right word for WOW Dream Coat Supernatural Spray. It magically transforms my long dark brown hair, which has overly processed blonde highlights, into smooth, shimmering strands of gold. I’m always on the lookout for effective anti-frizz and smoothing products, especially during New York City’s humid summer months, but I have a healthy skeptical attitude. So testing was required…

My wonderful hair stylist used Dream Coat after my monthly highlighting, and of course, my hair looked beautiful. He’s a hair wizard, using salon quality products and a Dyson blow dryer. So, I waited a few days, washed and conditioned with my own products, and then applied the Dream Coat Supernatural Spray. As directed, I used it with a hairdryer to activate its ingredients, and the alchemy worked again. I had magically transformed into Rapunzel — one product really can make a difference.

I tested it again: I waited three days and washed, conditioned, and treated my hair with my older anti-frizz products. I was disappointed, as the Rapunzel effect was not there. And yet, skepticism is a tricky thing to overcome, so more testing was required on a different head of hair. I passed Dream Coat on to a twenty-something friend with fashionably grey dyed hair. Her response was: “My hair is gloriously silky.”

She did have one question: What do you use to detangle your hair prior to spraying DREAM COAT? The instructions state that you should not use with any other products, but color treated hair is hard to manage without something. The manufacturers suggest Color Wow’s Color Security Conditioner that renders hair super-soft. A detangling comb glides right through.

WOW Dream Coat is truly supernatural and my skepticism dissipated. It transforms color-treated frizz into pure silk. Additionally, the transformation lasts through the ridiculously humid, New York City weather in summer — even after two subway trips, commuting for work.

Visit https://www.colorwowhair.com to smooth the frizz and transform dull locks to luscious.