Goodbye to Dry Hair with French Luxury Brand Leonor Greyl

Dry hair is such a nuisance, especially in winter when it only gets worse! So many shampoos and conditioners that I have tried praise their moisturizing virtues but often the benefits are only temporary. A day later, your hair often seems even stiffer, more lifeless and flat. If you have really dry hair — whether it is coarse, thick, stiff, colored or just super dehydrated by nature — you must have tried loads of lotions that do not work, or just work for a few hours and then leave you with unmanageable hair. What you need is a styling cream or a serum that does more than reach the shaft of the hair, but instead penetrates it to change the cuticle so as to thoroughly hydrate and soften it.

Leonor Greyl Serum de Soie Sublimateur is a new formula made in France that I have tried recently. The creamy, naturally fragranced formula literally changes the stiff texture of your strands upon contact by getting into the hair shaft itself and breaking down its rough repellent dryness. It doesn’t leave hair feeling loaded, flat or lifeless; it actually makes it feel stronger, more resilient and balanced, and pleasantly fluid and relaxed. This is the solution for hopelessly dry hair that nothing else can cure.

Price: $46


To optimize your hair experience, first use the Leonor Greyl Crême aux Fleurs Treatment Cream Shampoo for very dry, colored hair or sensitive scalp. If you’ve struggled to find a shampoo for dehydrated strands, this is the answer. This gentle “washing cream“ formula is crafted with 96% of natural ingredients that penetrate and deeply restructure stiff hair from the core. Formulated with sage, camomile, and quinoa proteins, it makes your hair supple, stronger, and softer with an incredibly uplifting aroma. Use for a couple of weeks to see results if you have been using silicone-based shampoos.

Price: $45


Leonor Greyl is the result of a love story between two haircare innovators and their passion for essential oils and plant-based ingredients. Leonor and Jean-Marie Greyl first met by chance on a summer beach holiday in France. Not only did they fall in love, but they also discovered that Leonor’s passion for luxury haircare and Jean-Marie’s extraordinary knowledge of botanicals were the perfect pairings and exactly what the Parisian salon scene needed.