Eufora’s Potent Aloetherapy for Hair and Skin Hydration

Eufora provides two-in-one natural goodness for hair and skin this summer with aloe vera-infused Aloetherapy products. Sun can take a toll on your strands and your skin, leaving both dried-and-fried, so if you would typically reach for cold aloe vera gel after too much fun in the sun, try a soothing in-shower aloe experience instead. Aloe Vera Stem Cells are included in this product line, which do the heavy lifting and multiply the molecular potency of aloe by 1000x to leave your hair, scalp, and sensitive skin soothed, calmed, and hydrated.

The Eufora Aloetherapy line includes:
Moisture Mist for Hair & Body: immediately moisturizes and hydrates from head to toe, increases manageability of your hair, and refreshes dry skin.
Soothing Body Moisture: deeply penetrating yet non-greasy, this botanical wonder moisturizes, delivers nutrients, and heals skin (as well as promoting the healing of many skin conditions).
Soothing Hair & Body Cleanse: purifies, leaves hair soft and light, and soothes the skin and scalp.
Soothing Conditioner: lightweight and re-balancing.

You’ll also want to check out the gift sets and all of the other beneficial products on Eufora’s site. Eufora creates planet-friendly products that contain ingredients that are nurturing and beneficial to humans, investing in the inherent genius of nature. Read more and order copiously at