Find Your Fresh, New Look at the Warren-Tricomi Salon

Fall is in the air! Dare to try a new look for the new season. After the summer, your hair needs a good cut to fix up damaged ends and impart a fresh style. It’s also healthy for your mane, and makes you feel great. I went to the Warren-Tricomi Salon in search of change, and was very pleased with stylist Claudio Baldone. My hair had been long for a while and I longed for something between a bob and a shoulder-length cut, but was skittish about doing anything too radical. I found just what I wanted.

Claudio listened to me carefully and gave me exactly what I was looking for, while surprising me at the same time. He gave me a refreshing look that was bold and tame at the same time, flattering to my features, and a bit whimsical without being too edgy. The cut was crisp, and designed to keep its shape for several weeks. It’s always wonderful when you find a hair stylist who understands how to match your hair to your facial features, so as to accentuate them in their best advantage, and to bring out your personality. Claudio intuitively knows which road to take.

It was not my first time at the Warren-Tricomi Salon. The luxurious salon at The Plaza is beautiful and spacious, with an elegant sense of design and pleasant, soft lightning. 

Edward Tricomi, the co-founder of the salon, is often referred to as the Rock Star of the hair biz. He’s known to play his scissors with “groove, intuition, precision, finesse, and inspired excellence,“ and expects the same of his stylists. This was certainly the case with super-talented Claudio Baldone, whose precise hand and ability to invent a very flattering cut for me was such a pleasant experience. He finished with a blow dry that brought all of the nice details of the cut to life, making my hair move and look playful, certainly rejuvenating my appearance a bit. 

When I asked Edward Tricomi about Fall trends for hair this season, he said, “What I always love for Fall is shoulder length bobs, graduated bobs to the chin, long hair and beautiful voluminous hair.” He recommends more constructed looks in the cooler weather. To create beautiful voluminous hair in Fall he suggests his “Magic Set.”

First, create a ponytail on top of your head, and section the ponytail into four pieces.Take the first section, spray it with a little Warren-Tricomi Flexible Hairspray. Then roll the section up into the roller and let it heat up for a few moments. Unroll the first section of hair and pin it in place with a bobby pin to let it cool off.

Repeat steps two-through-four for the remaining sections. Take the ponytail out and enjoy!
You will have really sexy hair, or what he calls “sex hair.” Lastly, in the fall/winter, as people tend to struggle with fly-aways and to lack body in their hair, he recommends his collection of products Warren-Tricomi to create superb volume.  

As far as color goes, Edward Tricomi recommends enriching your hair color after summer. Since summer tends to lighten hair, it may also make it duller and drier. Sun-kissed blondes should try to transition over to deeper blonds, reds, and browns. He also recommends hair glazes to enrich your color and add pigment to your skin. Deepening your hair color will make hair look richer and shinier while bringing a nice glow to your face. 

Another reason to visit the salon is that Warren-Tricomi has recently added new services such as micro-blading and lash lifts! To find more information about the Warren Tricomi Salon visit the website at:

Warren -Tricomi Salon
1 W 58th Street at the Plaza Hotel
New York, NY 10019