Fix Your Hair Woes for Valentine’s Day

Are your tresses looking their best for Valentine’s Day or are they in need of a little rehab? Check our solutions whether your hair is fragile, frizzy, or flat.

If you have fragile, chemically treated hair, give it a boost for Valentine’s Day with J Beverly Hills’ nourishing and moisturizing Fragile Shampoo . Formulated with chamomile, nettle and sage extracts, the Fragile Shampoo is colour-safe and helps your chemically treated hair feel revived, light and bouncy.

The J Beverly Hills Fragile Conditioner is formulated with
chamomile, pro vitamin B-5, and sage extracts. It feeds your dry, chemically treated strands to rejuvenate them while locking in color. Your mane will feel light, not weighted down at all and fluid through your fingers. For really distressed tresses, use the J Beverly Hills Masque Treatment. Formulated with peppermint, eucalyptus, and rose geranium essential oils it really replenishes your fragile hair to its core. Find the Conditioner at

To add volume to flat or dehydrated hair, treat your tresses to Enough Project’s first hair care collection packed beautifully in The Sweet Peach Gift Set that contains a pH-balanced shampoo, vinegar treatment, and microfiber beauty gloves.
The pH-balanced, sulfate-free shampoo is perfect for flat hair in need of a bit of volume. It also softens and moisturizes the scalp with first-brew tea and strengthens the skin barrier and the roots. The vinegar treatment strengthens the scalp’s barrier while essential oils provide antibacterial protection. You can also use it on coarse hair. You will get super light, smooth hair but need to add a bit of oil when your hair is dry. The shampoo and vinegar treatment are packed in adorable peach bottles, reminiscent of springtime in a cute box making it the perfect Valentine’s Day gift too. At their core, the gender-neutral Enough Project wants to remind you that “You Are Enough Just The Way You Are”. Order your set at

For hair that is dry, difficult and frizzy, the Black Truffle Serum from Moroccan Gold Series offers a luxurious lightweight treatment that penetrates deeper than traditional oils. It is made with nourishing and antioxidant-rich black truffle extracts from truffles harvested in the Perigord region of France. Before your go out on your date, apply a little on your dry hair for smoother, bouncier hair. It also makes hair feel stronger and prevents split ends and can be used on extensions, weaves or wigs. Nourish your hair at