Fixing Hair Problems That Make You Go “UGH!”

Split ends, thinning hair, fragile hair, unruly, damaged, frizzy, or oily hair are common hair problems. Here are awesome solutions that will turn bad hair days into good hair days.

For Moisturizing Dry or Damaged Hair: Use ultra-rich and luxurious Jump Your Hair Repairing Mask to treat dry, dull, or damaged hair to a weekly wallop of rich moisture, keratin, and biotin to strengthen and regenerate your hair’s fiber. This repairing mask, inspired by a formula used to beautify a horse’s mane, utilizes a special complex to restore your hair to vibrant health—leaving it with glossy sheen. It is the real deal when it comes to transforming straw-like hair into silky strands.

For Preventing Split Ends or Frizzy hair: Mounia’s “Two Drop” Hair Serum is a real find, especially if you have long hair or are trying to grow your hair to a longer length. It only takes two drops (not one drop more!) to tame and silken frizzy hair. This lightweight formula won’t weigh your hair down or make it greasy while it is working hard to prevent heat damage and split ends. If you’ve tried a lot of hair serums without satisfactory results or never used a hair serum before, this serum is highly recommended because it truly does deliver.

For Protecting Fragile Hair from Friction Damage: Inala’s plush Dry Me Off microfiber hair towel coddles fragile wet hair and decreases drying time. This thick and absorbent hair wrap reduces breakage caused by manually drying vulnerable wet hair strands.

For Regenerating Depleted or Thinning Hair: Hush & Hush’s Deeply Rooted Holiday Set is a one-stop hair rejuvenation kit for aging, depleted, or thinning hair. The 4-piece Holiday Set, packaged in a beautiful floral silk bag, includes an exfoliating shampoo, hydrating conditioner, rejuvenating hair serum and a hairbrush. Hush & Hush reports that their Deeply Rooted Hair Serum improves the regeneration of hair follicles, citing a “78% increase in hair growth in just three months.”

For Treating an Oily Scalp and Greasy Hair: Control excess sebum with John Masters Organics Scalp Purifying Serum. Making this serum part of an oil-control ritual isn’t difficult because it is so refreshing and soothing on the scalp you’ll look forward to using it daily. In addition to meadowsweet—a beneficial astringent that keeps your hair from getting too oily, this serum also contains peppermint oil, which has been reported to stimulate hair growth when applied topically.

For Gently Styling Unruly Hair: Inala’s silky and sophisticated Put Me Up scrunchie is a kinder and gentler scrunchie that won’t pull tightly on delicate hair strands. This chic silk scrunchie is a cut above most scrunchies in style and comfort level. It is an ideal accessory to use for controlling unruly hair without causing breakage and stress damage. Strategically place two Put Me Up scrunchies on a low ponytail to create an eye-catching flirty hairstyle.

For Bad Hair Days: Flirty Pineapple’s Light Tortoise Hair Claw makes a bad hair day go away in less than five minutes. Use this gorgeous tortoise-colored hair claw to quickly create a chic style that keeps flyaway strands and unmanageable hair under control. It has a firm grip that comfortably secures hair textures ranging from super-fine to thick. Available in three sizes.


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