Four Products That Will Nurse Your Hair Back to Health

Somewhere between split ends and frizz, I got tired of just coating my hair in quick-fix gels and conditioners. I began to hunt for products that would actually nurse my hair back to health and give the shining, healthy manes we all crave. Here are few of the products I found on my search that are as equally nutritious as they are fabulous.

Let’s start at the beginning: a healthy cleanser. Because most shampoos are so harsh on hair, experts say the healthiest option is to shampoo your hair only once or twice a week.

That may fly for some, but for others a clean head of hair everyday is non-negotiable. DevaCurl No-Poo cleanser solves the to-poo-or-not-to-poo dilemma. This gentle, non-lathering shampoo alternative cleanses your hair and scalp without stripping them of their natural oils.

Made without silicones and dehydrating sulfates, the No-Poo cleanser contains only the nicest, moisturizing ingredients for your hair, like hops, grapeseed oil, and wheat. This product is available nationwide at select professional salons and retail locations. Visit to find the retailers closest to you.

A weekly deep conditioner is a no-brainer when it comes to keeping hair healthy. Miss Jessie’s Rapid Recovery Treatment whipped my dry, brittle hair back into shape after just one treatment. With ingredients like super rich shea butter and avocado cream oil, this restorative conditioner brought my dull locks back to life, without chemically altering the hair. Miss Jessie’s specializes in curly hair, but I’ve found that no matter hair’s texture, deep treatments like this one that are chock-full of naturally healthy ingredients will rehydrate and repair damage to any head of hair almost instantly. Oh, and did I mention that Miss Jessie’s products are cruelty-free? Yep. This conditioner not only restores shine, but also adds a little kindness in the world. Use this treatment once a week to keep your tresses healthy and shining. This product and the rest of the Miss Jessie’s line are available from

For those who blow-dry or flat iron their hair everyday, a good heat-resistant brush is an essential factor in maintaining your hair’s health. Heat does enough damage to your hair to begin with and tough bristles can cause even more breakage and frizz. The new Centrix Premium Collection Carbon Paddle Brushes have carbon bristles that absorb heat as you brush and reduce static, giving your hair a break—without breaking your hair. Styling with these tough but gentle brushes left locks polished and smooth. Find them in three different sizes (for optimum styling ease) at select salons or online at

For every day and on-the-go upkeep, the Hydra-Amino 18 Hair Spa Serum from Repêchage will restore the life to your hair with entirely natural ingredients. Made with antioxidant-packed seaweeds and other wholesome ingredients like Aloe Vera and Vitamin-E rich Safflower Oil, this serum gave my damaged hair back a youthful shine, while protecting it from over styling, color fading, and breakage. After applying the serum twice a day for a week, I noticed that without the help of any other products, the scalp was hydrated, hair was rejuvenated and, on a whole, better behaved. Find this serum and other healthy hair products from Repêchage at

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