Give Your Scalp a Detox

Recently I went to an event where everyone fawned over my hair. I always appreciate it and thank them graciously. Here’s the thing though: I often neglect my curls. Life gets busy, papers need to be written, and workouts need to be done. Love my hair but I can’t spend forever doing it. And oh boy, how my scalp has paid for it. Fortunately, it can be redeemed, thanks to the Hair Detox Kit from Curlsmith.

The kit contains 3 steps to really cleanse, nourish, and fortify the protective barrier of the scalp. When I went in with Super Slip Pre-Biotic Primer, my hair was able to detangle, and it was unlike anything I’ve seen before. My strands glided through my wide tooth comb, detangled and cleansed. I rinsed out the product which left me with soft curls and a happy scalp. Next was the Wash & Scrub Detox Pro-Biotic. Never before in my life had I tried a scalp scrub, but I was very intrigued as I applied it to my roots. The scrubby bits are coarse enough to exfoliate my scalp while leaving me hydrated. All the build-up from previous products vanished and my head was tingly! I adore it.

Last, to add more hydration and finish up my wash, I used the Post-Biotic Calming Conditioner. This was a god-send. My curls sprung up, all juicy and plump. I didn’t want to wash the conditioner out! Luckily, it stayed the exact same way when I did, even when I stepped out of the shower. I applied my usual products and voila! Pretty curls and more importantly, a happy and balanced scalp that is ready to grow more hair.

Pick up this set this holiday season for the curly-headed love of your life. Happy Holidays, thanks to Curlsmith!