Go Blonde for a Day with Mayvenn Wigs

If the idea of wearing a wig conjures up thoughts of an older woman who looks like she is wearing a hat with hair on it, you are not alone. Wigs have come a long way over the years, and these styles from Mayvenn will have you trying one the next time you have a bad hair day or just want to create a fresh look. You can have a permanent look (that only your wig stylist knows for sure) or go bold and blonde for one night.

Mayvenn wigs and hair pieces look so natural, and are so lightweight, that you will be tempted to use them more than you think. I was extremely impressed with the human hair wigs and the way you can blend your own hair in the front to create a natural look. I also love that Mayvenn provides a Wigs 101 list to guide you in choosing your wig. I had no idea there was so much to consider, including, cap size, density of the hair, the lace color (which should match your skin tone), length of the hair, and whether the wig is already dyed or virgin so you can color it the shade you want. Mayvenn hair products are 100% pure human hair that comes in different colors.

An important feature of the lace front and 360 frontal unit wigs from Mayvenn is that they must be customized so that the wig blends into your hairline. You will want to enlist the help of a wig stylist to customize your wig. These days wearing a wig is not just a case of buying it and plopping it on your head if you want the most natural look.

For a more get-up-and-go look, try Mayvenn’s ready to wear human hair wigs, that are adjustable. You will still get a natural look with less fuss.

If you prefer the baby steps approach to adding hair, Mayvenn has you covered with some amazing hair pieces and extensions to add volume and length, and. you can choose from clip in and tape-in extensions. I prefer the clip in extensions because they feel more secure to me, but the tape in may be fine, depending upon your hair texture. The most important aspects for me are matching my hair color and texture. This may also involve dying the hair pieces to match a specific hair color. I love hair pieces because they are simple to use and can be applied easily without a wig stylist.

Wigs and hair pieces have evolved to accessories that you can use to create a special look or for everyday wear. Don’t be shy to experiment, especially with a quality wig or hairpiece from Mayvenn. They offer a 30-day guarantee and free shipping on all their hair products, so you will not be stuck with a piece you do not like.

Go ahead and take the plunge with a bold new look, or simply enhance volume without changing your own hair length or cut. For more information visit, https://www.shop.mayvenn.com.