Great Hair Starts at the Scalp


   Get to the root cause of healthy hair by revving up your scalp care routine with a fancy 24K acupressure hair and scalp brush and a probiotic scalp-renewing conditioner.

Just Arrived! De-stress & Revive Thinning Tresses 

Snow Fox Skincare’s Gua Sha Hair & Scalp Brush (Love Heart Wooden Edition), is a  hand-carved brush fitting neatly in the palm of my hand. Crafted by artisans in Taiwan, this heart-shaped  brush features 61 pins plated in 24K gold and titanium. The pins create moderate-level stimulation of the scalp’s acupressure points. You’ll definitely feel them brushing against your scalp, promoting more robust blood circulation. It feels great and the increased blood circulation benefits your hair.

I  love that it I can slip the Gua Sha Hair & Scalp Brush in my handbag to use whenever I travel. Be warned! This little marvel is positively addictive.

57.82% Organic, 100% Phthalate Free Scalp Care

Treat yourself to a refreshing scalp-tingling sensation whenever you use Bea’s Bayou Good Biome Scalp Renew Conditioner to stimulate your scalp and detangle your hair after shampooing with Bea’s Good Biome Shampoo. This is a real-deal heavyweight contender in the conditioning department. First on the list of ingredients, is aloe vera, followed by a long listing of nourishing ingredients such as panthenol and coconut oil. Probiotic extracts, calendula, and peppermint, hydrate, silken, and restore your hair  and scalp to tiptop condition.

Grab Bea’s Bayou’s free guide addressing different scalp conditions.


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