Grow Longer Tresses This Fall

Healthy hair is a sign of vitality and an essential weapon of seduction for city mermaids who revel in their femininity and aspire to make a strong impression. Who does not want long, powerful tresses? Some women are blessed with impressive manes throughout their life and some others struggle, even when young, to grow their hair beyond a certain point. Have you noticed that your hair has trouble growing lately or that it breaks, splits, or even sheds? Hormonal changes, diet, stress, illness, and age can weaken your hair follicles and scalp, stunting hair growth. To remedy this condition and help your hair grow longer, try incorporating these products that promise to restore your tresses and grow them longer and stronger without breakage:

Lee Stafford Grow It Longer Hair Growth Collection is enriched with a protein-based complex that helps to energize dormant or damaged follicles. The Pro-Growth™ complex will help your tresses grow faster, longer, and healthier. The vital hair and scalp complex helps reduce hair loss, stop hair breakage, rebuild the hair from within, and improve the health of your scalp. The collection includes the Lee Stafford Hair Growth Activation Shampoo, Lee Stafford Hair Growth Activation Conditioner, Lee Stafford Hair Growth Activation Treatment, Lee Stafford Hair Growth Stimulating Scalp Serum and more. Use them for a couple of weeks and you will notice that your hair grows better and looks less brittle. Support your hair to more vitality, resilience and length HERE.

The KeraFactor Shampoo and Conditioner exfoliates and stimulates the scalp and hair using a combination of conditioners and protein growth factors designed to enhance scalp circulation and reinvigorate the scalp and hair, leading to hair that appears fuller, has more body, and is healthier. Depending on the density of your hair you may use one pea-sized drop or two. Lather before massaging into the scalp. Leave in for 1 minute before rinsing. If you have a lot of hair, you can try to use your regular shampoo first and use this product as more of a scalp and hair treatment, than a shampoo wash. Lastly, condition your ends with your regular conditioner. Your scalp will feel refreshed and your mane fuller,healthier and stronger after the first use. Code: BEAUTY10 for 10% off. Nab it HERE

The Madison Hair Care ProRoller™ Scalp Rejuvenation Tool uses a form of micro-needling to awaken dormant hair follicles and increase circulation in the scalp. It is specifically designed to aid hair growth by way of healing micro-traumas to the scalp. Your dormant hair follicles will be stimulated to grow better. Use it every day to improve microcirculation to encourage your hair follicular activity. Just roll over your scalp; you will feel little needling sensations that stimulate the scalp. Using the roller helps stimulate collagen production, brings blood flow and nutrients to the scalp, and induces new stem cells that support hair growth. The Roller helps prevent hair loss, encourages new growth, and gives you a healthy scalp and hair. Just like our facial skin, the scalp also loses collagen as we age, leading to dormant hair follicles and hair loss. Stimulate your scalp and enjoy more hair growth HERE.