Hair Biology for Maturing Hair’s Unique Needs

Let’s admit it! Our tresses don’t feel the same as when we were in our twenties. When I look at my 20-year-old daughter’s voluminous healthy mane, I know that I am not there anymore. Whereas her hair cannot look but gorgeous whatever she does to it, mine needs a lot of work. Often frizzy and brittle from constant hair dying, styling, and let’s admit it, aging, it lacks hydration and pliancy. 

Hair Biology is a line of hair care products that work with your body’s biological changes, and help address your aging hair’s unique challenges with a complete suite of hair products to resolve any problem. In my case, the Hair Biology moisturizing shampoo, conditioner and deep hydrating mask worked wonders. Formulated with biotin and free of parabens and dyes, Hair Biology’s Soft & Hydrated Moisturizing Shampoo and Hair Biology’s Soft & Hydrated Conditioner revitalize your strands by infusing them with the deep moisture they require, and tame your difficult mane into a smoother and silkier version full of shine. You will love playing with your hair again, feeling the pliant bangs run through your fingers, and falling just right without being weighed down. Try it HERE!

If your hair is very damaged and brittle, check out How To Fix Your Damaged Hair From The Inside Out by Better Not Younger.

Your hair may require the Hair Biology Deep Hydration Mask, which intensely hydrates hair from root to end, and helps protect against color fade. Infused with biotin, you should use it once a week to reach deep into your hair’s shaft and heal it. In the summer heat, when hair gets frizzy and dry in a minute, it’s truly a godsend. Nab it HERE.  

The Hair Biology Silver & Glowing Collection is designed to improve grey, white or silver hair with a biotin-infused purple shampoo and conditioner duo that remove dulling residue and counteract yellow tones. The Hair Biology Silver & Glowing Silver Shampoo and Hair Biology Silver & Glowing Conditioner fight brassiness and bring out sexy silver tones. The line is available HERE

Hair Biology was designed for women who aim to be bolder, not older. Find more information about the complete line at It’s also available for purchase at Target.


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