Hair Care Best Bet for Holiday: Italy’s Aria Dryer

The Italian brand Gamma + Italia created a quieter, ultra-lightweight, high-performing hairdryer with its new ARIA model, featuring a hybrid motor with a spiraling airflow that drastically reduces drying time. It’s the lightest pro dryer in its class at 13.4 oz and ultra-quiet, too. In other words, it’s perfect. Take it on trips or even toss it in your gym bag for a post-workout shower and blow-dry. Bonus: tourmaline ionization technology leaves hair with a brilliant, healthy sheen, smoothes your tresses, and its design is easier on hands and wrists.

If you know someone who styles her or his hair every morning before work, or who works on shoots or backstage, this quiet, effective, and sleek model with a 9-foot cord is a fantastic gift! Find it at and at; Choose between black or aquamarine. Instagram = @gammaplusna