Hair Care: Curlsmith Bonding Oil + Davroe’s Hair Collection Quartet

Here are two brands that tackle different hair problems: Australia’s Davroe hair brand helps with color fade and damage, and Curlsmith’s Bonding Oil is excellent for hydrating curls and keeping them healthy and shiny.

Davroe – Repair Senses Kit Collection
Davroe‘s Repair Senses kit with travel bag strengthens and protects hair to resist color fading and keep your tresses voluminous and moisturized. Davroe Senses is a unique collection of sulphate-free hair wellness products offering the benefits of natural, botanical ingredients combined with the latest well-being technology. When combined with water, Davroe Senses releases their pure natural aromas for an invigorating sensory experience. The Shampoo and Conditioner (100ml) smell great, and the Davroe Luxe Leave-in Masque is an everyday protector that forms a non-oily barrier to guard against the elements. The Volunious Spray instantly creates volume for all hair types. Protect and nourish your mane this Fall as we transition to cooler weather. These gentle formulas remove impurities, dirt, and oil from the hair and scalp revealing healthy, bouncy locks. You can repair hair with essential vitamins and nutrients and bolster elasticity. These keep hair resilient and strong with plant-based proteins that restore strands with less breakage. Contains rice & quinoa amino acids that prevent against hair loss. Use all of these products daily without worry. Comes in a luxurious vegan travel bag.

Curlsmith – Bonding Oil
Curlsmith’s Bonding Oil is a strengthening recipe to keep hair hydrated, stringer, and nourished. It’s lightweight, not overly-fragranced, imparts a beautiful shine, and is protein-rich. This locks in moisture and helps prevent frizz and dryness throughout the day in all types of weather to banish that crunchy feeling and enjoy bouncy, soft, touchable results. It also helps seal split ends and reduce signs of damage. Chock full of olive and shea, quinoa, lentil and chickpea protein, sea buckthorn, castor seeds and apricot kernel. Vegan and chemical-free (no parabens, sulphates, silicones, etc.), it’s curly girl friendly and all-around fantastic. Try it, you’ll love it!