Hair Care: Revel in Luscious Curls with Natura’s Lumina from Brazil

Lauded Brazilian brand Natura launched a new haircare line Lumina, that recognizes the unique beauty of every woman and focuses on individual identity. As the company states, “Your hair says everything about you.” These new hair products let your true personality express itself. Based on biomimetics – the method inspired by nature to create bridges between biology, technology, and biotechnology – Lumina regenerates each hair strand, rendering it healthier from the first application. Lumina’s Curly Hair Treatment System is the ultimate line of products dedicated to your ringlets to produce instant definition and hydration with intense shine – leaving the hair with natural movement and banishing frizz. Not only do these products work wonders on your hair, but they smell incredible. I couldn’t stop smelling my hair the first time I tried them. It smelled that good! For those of you who have to work harder at maintaining your curls, the Lumina line is exactly what you want. After use, you really will feel as if you just walked out of a salon. Feeling this good on the outside makes you feel great on the inside, and that’s what Natura is all about. Also note that all products are formulated without parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol, mineral oil, PABA, petroleum, triclosan, DEA and animal ingredients.

Lumina Curly Hair Complete Care includes:

Hydrating Shampoo
Combined with Pro-Teia Biotechnology and Active Hydra-definition this moisturizing formula leaves the hair more resistant to breakage and reduces hair loss dramatically. The hair is twice as strong and the strands don’t look dry but much cleaner with greater precision.

Curl Definition Conditioner
From the minute you apply this conditioner you can tell that this product is instantly effective. Your hair is left hydrated and moist without the roots feeling oily. There is no aftermath of frizz or knots and your hair is much more controllable. Combing is not aggravating or strenuous if that seems to be a common issue for you. Another benefit is your locks are defined and modeled for up to 24 hours with hair three times stronger.

Nourishing Mask
An enriching mask is one of the best things you can do for your hair. Lumina’s nourishing mask restores and reconstructs hair with natural movement and anti-frizz properties. Some of the fantastic benefits to using this mask are: Treats hair erosion and increases hair mass and more resistant against breakage, hair gets three times stronger, more controllable hair and penetrates inside the fiber which balances it.

Intense Leave-In Treatment
This long-lasting treatment is absolutely divine as it finishes up the whole process defining your curls while increasing hair mass and elasticity and sheen. If your hair was tangly before, it’s not now. The product feels good as you disperse throughout your hair and again, smells wonderful. You will notice the difference and you will save less time combing through knots.

What is great about the Natura company is its ingredients integrity: all products are 100% vegan, use only Amazon Rainforest ingredients, no animal testing, climate commitment, ecological packaging and natural origin formulas. Natura not only has a strong commitment to the environment but society as well. The company has many programs in Brazil and Latin America that support social and cultural initiatives. Instituto Natura, which supports public education and Natura Musical, which promotes and helps preserve Brazilian music are two of the most important ones. So when you purchase from Natura, you will be enjoying a great product and simultaneously benefitting society and the planet.

The Natura company affirms “We don’t promise good hair every day, but we promise healthier hair since the first application.” If you are not completely satisfied, Natura offers a money-back guarantee, too. So take charge of your hair and nab these enriching products at