Hair Solutions for Ultra-Damaged Strands

Hair dyes, confinement, anxiety, and more may have wreaked havoc on your hair, and not being able to visit your colorist for your monthly visit may also have left your mane drab and frizzy. Fix your hair woes with these awesome new launches so that even if you must hide behind a mask or skip on color, your hair will be gloriously vibrant and contribute to making you feel fresh and beautiful.

For the smoothest, softest hair you ever dreamed of, the newly launched, luxurious Black Truffle Collection for hair is a milestone to remember. Made with black truffle, a rare gourmet delicacy often inserted in foie gras to heighten its taste, the new Black Truffle Collection by Moroccan Gold Series leaves your hair deeply hydrated, balanced, manageable and vibrant. It regenerates damaged strands into baby soft and lustrous tinsels. The Black Truffle Shampoo cleans your hair while destroying all fizz and sign of aging. After washing your hair with the Black Truffle Shampoo, add the Black Truffle Leave-In 3 minute Mask that deeply infuses strands with a rare high dose of potent amino acids, essential fatty acids, proteins, vitamins and minerals. Truffle, shea butter, linseed oil, wheat germ oil and keratin add extra benefits to this unique mask.  

If your hair is deeply damaged, brittle and lifeless, give it a dose of the Black Truffle Leave-In Mask, a unique spray-in mask. The Black Truffle Serum is a black oil that turns clear when applied. It penetrates your hair to embellish its texture and smooth it. The spray also conditions and protects your strands from sun, air, and the environment. I love to put it on my hair first thing in the morning to freshen up my mane in serious need of a color reboot. The Moroccan Gold Series Luxury Black Truffle Collection is available in high end salons, including the exclusive John Barrett Salon and at

Another wonder product of note this Spring, Nuele Hair Serum, softens and texturizes dry brittle hair, rendering it healthy, balanced, pliant and effortlessly glamorous. Its five concentrated oils (jojoba oil, argan oil, moringa oil, rosemary oil, and sage oil) combine to transform frizz and moisturize hair without leaving any oily residue or heaviness. Your hair will look stronger, shinier, and hydrated. No parabens, sulfates, alcohol, & GMOs, it works perfectly as an all-natural heat protectant for straightening hair or for blowouts too. Enjoy this easy affordable hair enhancing serum at

The new Kinky Curly Stellar Strands delivers the royal treatment to your dry locks in need of hydration without leaving a heavy residue. A deeply hydrating hair mask enriched with argan oil and macadamia  oil, it adds elasticity while it rejuvenates and moisturizes dry, brittle, coarse hair. Use for 30 minutes without heat or for 15 minutes under a plastic cap under a hood dryer. Perfect for  ladies who struggle with dense frizzy curls that flare up in humidity. Inexpensive, essential for the health of your mane, it is available for purchase on