Hair Styling + Protection at Home

You just want to style your hair without dropping hundreds of dollars at the salon. Understood. Here’s my guide to looking gorgeous 365 with these investment pieces:

Bellissima Diffon Supreme Ionic XL

Sometimes air drying just isn’t the vibe. A girl’s gotta run, and I want defined curls. Bellissima Diffon Supreme Ionic XL with Digital Temperature Control is a diffuser-meets-hairdryer, all in one! It’s small size makes it easy to store but it is hella powerful. It adjusts to the air temperature 50 times per second to keep your curls from overheating. I have never seen anything like it – my head never became too hot and I was able to continually use it comfortably. The gold and black colorway makes me feel like my own stylist, even in my tiny bathroom. The extra large head makes it easier to reach as many curls as possible so they dry quicker! After day three my curls still look as shiny and bouncy as on day one. I predict this will be the newest staple in the curly girl community!

Styling Primer 100ml

If a blowout look is what you’re craving, Mermade Hair’s iconic Blow Dry Brush is all you need. To start out, spritz some of their Styling Primer onto your locks to protect them from heat, pollution, and humidity – plus to help to speed up the drying process. It smells like a high-end perfume that is both fruity and warm.

Blow Dry Brush

Blow Dry Brush has probably one of my easiest blow drying experiences. This blow dryer and round brush combo is everything! The brush is lightweight (no sore arms) as I pass through a few times to reveal a shiny, soft, straight hair moment – all thanks to the ionic technology that seals in the hair cuticle, meaning: no frizz or flyaways. Lots of body and bounce and all under 30 minutes!

Grip Clips in Signature Pink

While blow drying, I make sure to use the Grip Clips (in pink of course!) These are so handy when pinning up sections or even clipping my hair back when applying makeup. The material feels sturdy yet comfortable on my scalp. Pick up a pack (or two) for around the house or in your handbag when you want a creaseless hold.

Shhhowercap The Daze

I was searching for a shower cap to protect and prolong my hair and then I came across Shhhowercap in The Daze pattern on thirteen lune, an inclusive e-commerce that focuses on Black and Brown founders and brands by POC. I can discover and fall in love with brands I may never have come across, like I did with Shhhowercap, thanks to thirteen lune. The Shhhowercap, created by Jacquelyn De Jesu Center, is the only showercap I’ll ever need. It’s a fabric cap made with antibacterial material. No growth of germs or that dreadful sound like with plastic caps. The water simply rolls off the fabric, keeping both it and your hair dry, and the comfortable fit makes it easy to wear. Plus, it can be washed for use over and over, forever.

Youthforia BYO Blush Trio

Bonus! Because with your cute ‘do, you need a little blush, too. Youthforia’s BYO Blush Trio can be found on thirteen lune. Brand founder Fiona Co Chan’s ethos is: makeup should be so good that you can sleep in it. And I can’t lie, I did, by accident! It was a long night okay… This super light oil-formula blush left my cheeks dewy and flushed. My go-to color is Let’s Go Party, a sweet baby pink that makes me feel girlish. Now I can enjoy my beautiful blow-out longer and pretty up my cheeks thanks to thirteen lune!