Haircare Best Bet: Ecoslay’s Creamy Refrigerated Shampoo + Conditioner Shakes

You know your hair cleanser and conditioner are super fresh when they require refrigeration, and that’s the case with Ecoslay‘s plant-based Matcha Boost with Quinoa & Keratin Protein Shake Shampoo and Banana Cream Deep Conditioner, crafted in Brussels, Belgium. You could easily mistake them for shakes in the fridge because they’re just as wholesome, creamy, and rich. The Banana Cream smells so great that it will transport you to Tahiti via your shower while deeply hydrating, and Matcha Boost will leave your hair revitalized. There are plenty of other flavors, too, including Rice Pudding, Ginger + Moringa Tea, Peppermint Schnapps, and Hot Sauce. Shake things up in your hair care routine with these creative, creamy concoctions.