Haircare Best Bet: Jump Your Hair (for Humans + Horses)

Jump Your Hair is a brand of hair and mane care products formulated with keratin and biotin for a strong and shiny mane and hair. Jump Your Hair has shampoo, conditioner, care oil, and more. Suitable for the driest and most damaged hair on horses and horse riders alike, the leather-scented Jump Your Hair Repairing Shampoo by Scents of Europe contains keratin (hair protein) and biotin (vitamin B7 for cell renewal). It helps to restore and strengthen damaged hair and leaves it shiny in the summer sun.

Jump Your Hair Repairing Mask
Great for humans but strong enough for horses’ manes and tails, Jump Your Hair Repairing Mask by Scents of Europe will take the hydrating, nourishing effects of Jump Your Hair Repairing Shampoo a step further. This professional formula repairs, detangles, and imparts shine and manageability to all types of hair.

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