HAIRSTORY: Next-Gen Hair Care

Hairstory will forever change the way you clean and hydrate your hair and scalp, and you’ll feel exceedingly grateful for it, too. Once you wash your hair with non-foaming HAIRSTORY New Wash, you won’t want to return to regular shampoo, because your hair will be noticeably softer silkier, glossier and healthier. I don’t say this lightly – I really put this brand to the test, approaching it with some skepticism, but I’ve vowed never to return to mere shampoo.

HAIRSTORY’s New Wash is chock full of goodness, such as jojoba seed, evening primrose oil, sunflower seed, aloe, lavender flower, nettle, peppermint, and essential oil extracts for fragrance (rosewood, balsam, clove and more) to restore your scalp’s health and cleanse. It also simultaneously softens and conditions dry, unhealthy hair – so no conditioner is needed! This is absolutely true – I was amazed, since my hair was dry and damaged, but sure enough, this New Wash deeply conditioned and left my tresses soft and shiny. It’s color safe, too.

But… should you want additional conditioning, then HAIRSTORY’s Hair Balm – Effortless Air-Drying is skincare for your hair, providing a creamy balm to moisturize over-processed hair, frizzy hair, define curls, and add weight to give big hair a leaner look. This hair moisturizer banishes frizz without leaving your hair feeling greasy, crunchy, gelled, or lacquered. The more hair you have, the more you can use — simply work through your hair with your fingers after showering, and let air dry. Filled with goodies such as evening primrose oil, jojoba, rice bran, rosa centifolia flower, sunflower, clove, and more of nature’s bounty, including certified organic ingredients.

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