Having a Bad Hair Day? Then Check Out These Problem-Solving Products for Better Tresses.

Aquis Lisse Luxe Hair Turban
Bath towels and heat can damage hair, which is why AQUIS created the Lisse Luxe Hair Turban. For stronger and more nourishing tresses, it’s important to quickly dry without heat to avoid swelling and stretching. AQUIS uses AQUITEX technology that contains ultra-fine fibers woven to wick away water 5x faster than cotton towels. Drying time is also cut by 50%. It’s lightweight and comfortable, while preventing friction and minimizing damage. The turban is easy to use and great for all hair types, especially for those with curly and delicate hair. I highly recommend it, as this has become one of my favorite products to use on my hair.

Available: Aquis and Sephora

Lubricity Lab-The Lubricity System Box Set
If your hair is frizzy and lacks shine and volume, then Lubricity Lab may be perfect for you. The Lubricity System is an at-home smoothing treatment that tames coarse and unruly hair. The kit contains shampoo, conditioner and a 2-step penetrate-and-encapsulate system. All products are created with naturally derived ingredients to alter the structure of the hair’s natural keratin protein. Silk amino acids, quinoa proteins, and coconut/palm oils help to strengthen, silken, soften and repel humidity. It’s quite an intricate process, and I only recommend for those with thicker hair. With someone who has fine hair, the treatment did not react well. These have a refreshing aroma, and have helped my hair look eminently salubrious.

Available: Lubricity Labs

PHYTO Botanical Power
PHYTO has a wonderful reputation, due to their high-quality hair products. They want to be able to improve your hair health and look from root to end. There are plenty of different products to choose from to keep your hair looking and feeling better than ever! My favorite products include the PHYTOPOLLÉIN and the PHYTO 7. Here’s the scoop on them:

PHYTOPOLLÉIN is a botanical scalp treatment that energizes and fortifies sensitive and weak hair. Best for those with an oily, itchy, irritated or dry scalp, this treatment is highly recommended. The product contains 100% essential oils, including rosemary, sage, lemon, cypress, and eucalyptus. Not only does it detoxify and remove all impurities — such as dirt, oil and residue, but it imparts an amazing scent.

Available: Phyto and Ulta

Your hair will look bright and feel lustrous with the use of PHYTO 7 Hydrating Day Cream. This cream contains 7 natural plant extracts that not only hydrate and smooth hair, but also prevent split ends, frizz, and protects against environmental stressors. Apply a pea size amount to dry hair and you’re left with healthier looking locks!

Available: Phyto and