Heal, Moisturize and Repair, How to Get Your Hair Look Its Best for Spring

Winter may be over, but the winter weather has taken a lasting toll on hair, leaving it looking very dry, lifeless, flat, and full of frizz – nothing like what spring hair is supposed to look like!

Deep conditioning is what tresses need in order to rebuild damaged follicles and create the shine and softness that spring calls for. To ditch winter hair blues and walk down the street with sexy, lively hair, we’ve rounded up masks, conditioners, and tools that help to rejuvenate and reinvigorate tresses.

For strained and dried hair follicles, give them a kick of vitality with NOVEX’s Deep Conditioning Hair Mask in the Embelleze Rio Brazilian Secrets Collection that recently launched in the U.S. Thanks to the Moroccan argan oil, hair will be left healed and shiny, with a protective softening film.

Available at novexhaircare.com.

Another import from Brazil, the luxurious Kalice Collection from Inoar is formulated with vitamin E and seven essential oils (argan, myrrh, macadamia, ojon, sweet almonds, jasmine, and rosemary vegetable oils) to repair and soften post-winter hair. The shampoo is quickly absorbed by the hair shaft regenerating it and making hair feel stronger, more pliant and shiny. You can use the mask to penetrate hair if it is very damaged or use it as a conditioner if you only need to heal and soften it. The oil can serve as an all-purpose “hair fixer” to immediately moisture, refresh and add suppleness to lifeless, flattened locks, and protect them from environmental stresses.

Available at Inoarprofessional.com

If you’re looking to moisture, fight frizz, add shine, refresh, detangle, and protect from heat, pollution and UV rays, the Daily Vitamist from Use Me Hair is a do-it-all rescue spritz. With organic ingredients and biotin vitamins, a few sprays will leave hair moisturized and coated with a healing layer that penetrates hair to make it more manageable without residue or stiffness. Founded by professional hairstylist and trend development executive Devin Graciano, Use Me Hair uses only USDA-certified organic ingredients.

Available at UseMeHair.com

For decadent softness, ease and manageability, try Carol’s Daughter Coco Creme Intense Moisture & Softness System made with coconut, mango and murumuru oil. Like filling up on cream and chocolate, hair will gorge itself on the fabulous moisture bath contained in this bottle.

Available at CarolsDaughter.com

If your problem is fine, dry and flat post-winter hair, increase volume and manageability with a lightweight moisturizing formula such as Carol’s Daughter‘s Cactus Rose Water Lightweight Conditioner.

For gals who have had enough of frizz and are looking for a lasting solution to get rid of the nuisance, Lubricity Labs may just have the answer. Created by a single dad with a PhD in biogeochemistry, this cutting edge treatment actually changes the molecular structure of hair to add shine, volume and eliminate frizz once and for all!

Available at Lubricity.

If you’re planning on visiting somewhere sunny for spring break, don’t forget to protect your hair against the sun! Bare Republic UV Protecting Thermal Hair Serum with 70% organic ingredients protects hair against color fading, drying and damage.

To grow, strengthen and maintain healthy hair for Spring, try the Curls Grow, Blissful Lengths, Liquid Hair Growth Vitamin, a dietary supplement formulated with a time-release proprietary blend of bioactive coenzymes vitamins, and organic blueberry extract and nutrients. 98% of the vitamins go directly into the bloodstream verses the typical 20% from pills. It also features a sweet blueberry taste and is easy to swallow.

Another remedy to keep hair frizz free is to invest in new tools, such as a ceramic flat iron. HSI’s The Glider features high quality ceramic plates with 8 HeatBalance micro-sensors to regulate the temperature and provide even heat distribution. The temperature is fully adjustable between 140-450°F to fit any hair type whether your hair is fine or coarse. The hair straightener’s floating plates with curved edges make it easy to curl or straighten hair.

Available at hsiprofessional.com

With all these great remedies, every day will be a great hair day this Spring!