Hydrate and Protect Your Hair in Cold Weather

With the arrival of Autumn and cooler temperatures, hair becomes more vulnerable to dryness and brittleness. Keeping your locks moist while sealing moisture in the hair shaft becomes essential to maintain healthy and vibrant tresses through the colder season. If your hair is curly, pay special care to add protective and healing moisture to prevent coarseness, dehydration and frizz.

Recently launched Imbue Curls is a 100% vegan and a curly girl-friendly range of products dedicated to cleansing, conditioning, and styling curls, whilst locking in moisture in a way that revitalizes the hair shaft inside out.

Even if your hair is parched by frequent dying or styling, it will feel revived with glossier bouncier curls and healthier, softer silky ends. The vegan haircare brand was created for curl and coil types 3A to 4C. The collection consists of a Imbue Curl Liberating Sulphate Free Shampoo, Imbue Curl Respecting Conditioner, Imbue Curl Restoring Intensive Mask, Imbue Curl Inspiring Conditioning Leave in Spray, Imbue Curl Empowering Crème Gel, Imbue Curl Energising Hydration Serum and Curl Worshipping Shine Oil. Ingredients include avocado, coconut, cupuaçu, and grapeseed oil. If you are looking for a solution for your curly dry and brittle hair woes, this collection is your ticket to hair bliss. Inexpensive  ($12.99 – $19.99 ), you can find all the products at https://imbuecurls.com/ and Amazon.

CBD doesn’t only do wonders for skin, but for the hair as well, working as a hair hydrator and strengthening agent. Using 99% Pure CBD derived from the hemp flower, Calm Sexy Hair removes frizz, coarseness, damage, and dryness with its Sexy Hair Cannabae Soothing Shampoo, Sexy Hair High 5 Soothing Conditioner, Sexy Hair Leaf-In Leave-in Soothing Conditioner with 100 MG CBD, Sexy Hair Wetfix & Chill All-Style Dry-Crème and Sexy Hair Dose Elixir Oil. The hemp flower contains 99% Pure CBD that heals hair and revives it. A blend of avocado and macadamia cold-pressed oils packed full of vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids reinforce the rejuvenating properties of the hemp flower. In an effort for sustainability, Sexy Hair also uses bottles made with up to 95% PCR (Post Consumer Resin) and sustainable PCR packaging. Hydrate your braids at https://sexyhair.com/products/collections/sexyhair-calm.

Argan oil is renowned for its powerful cuticle repair properties. To hydrate your mane, protect against breakage, dryness and repair split ends, the luxury Moroccan Gold Series Treatment Mask with  Argan oil sourced in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco offers a first-rate solution. Hair coarseness, devitalization and dryness will be eliminated and transformed into pliable soft hair with repaired split ends and a healthy shine. Use it for 5 minutes after shampooing and find it at https://moroccangoldseries.com/collections/argan/products/argan-treatment-mask.

To hydrate your dry strands in the most eco-friendly fashion, trust Shambar, an innovative plastic-bottle-free hair collection. Shambar Hydrate with Manuka honey and mango butter will wash gently and hydrate your locks no matter what their condition, rendering them fresh and rejuvenated. The vegan soap-like formula eliminates our need to use so much plastic in our hair routine, too. Each Shambar soap replaces two 18 oz single-use plastic bottles. Your will love the soft feeling and healing of your hair that comes from the healthy nature-derived ingredients and simple formulation in Shambar. Find it at https://shambar.com.