Individualized Haircare with Mon Shampooing

With the change of seasons especially winter, I noticed that my skin and hair changes as well due to the fluctuating temperatures, most specifically due to living in the city. In the summer, my hair tends to be oily while in the fall and winter, it tends to be dry if not brittle. I recently tested Mon Shampooing for dry hair. Here is what I discovered.

Mon Shampooing takes personalized haircare to the next level. Here’s how it works. You simply choose the vial best suited for your hair type then combine your custom mix of essential oils and fragrances to the gentle shampoo. The system comes with a collection oils for example soft and fine hair (oils infused with orange blossom, sage and grape seed.). For oily hair the product is infused with mint, jojoba and rosemary. I selected the essential and vegetable oil ingredients for dry hair (lavender, geranium and argan).

The process is simple and I did notice a difference just after two applications. This system is easy to follow and good for both men and women regardless of hair length. The Mon Shampooing conditioner works on the same principle of the shampoo by adding the essential oils for your type of hair. My hair looks healthy, shinny and even though it is short, it’s softer to the touch.

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