Keep Hair Hydrated + Smooth This Winter

Like skin, hair becomes dryer in winter. Gorgeous holiday hair starts with healthy, smooth, and well hydrated hair. If you suffer from dehydrated, brittle, coarse damaged hair, repair it with the Moremo Ampoule Water Treatment Miracle 100 by the BeautySpy. The highly concentrated treatment immediately nourishes your hair so that all frizz and dryness disappear. Use it for added protection before you blow dry, too – or whenever your hair needs more vitality and shine between washes. Just a few drops on your tresses will do the trick to create healthy balanced hair for the holidays; find it at

To wash your hair and restore your trends to vitality and better hydration during winter, Eufora Nourish Urgent Repair Shampoo will do wonders. It removes dulling impurities and build up to restore health, elasticity and hydration to weakened strands. Start using it now to see a difference – even after one use, your hair will appear healthier and lighter, with more bounce and body. Find it at

Eufora Beautifying Elixirs Moisture Masque will heal severely damaged, dry hair from cold wind or too many hair treatments, such as colorings or blow dryings, by penetrating into the shaft of the hair and replenishing each strand with needed moisture. The Damage Cure Complex repairs brittle dry hair by nourishing it with essential oils and plant extracts. Spread over wet strands for 5-10 minutes a couple of times a week for softer, silkier hair for the holidays. Revitalize your mane at