Kudos Good Juju: Eco-Conscious Products

Me and my bestie, Syd, are going to Mexico for a month next year. She’s been living the nomad life and I’m, well… let’s say I’m a city gal. I mean helllllloooo, Beauty News NYC! Duh. I jest, I actually love nature and having my (pedicured) toes in the dirt. That’s when Good Juju reached out and when I read that their owners are two BFFS, I had to check it out. They have a shampoo and conditioner bar, solid shave cream, and solid laundry detergent?! AKA everything I would want for my trip to Mexico as we hostel-hop and backpack.

Good Juju’s mission is to support those who are interested in eco-friendly, vegan beauty and home goods. Plus, make it luxury (as I like it!) To boot, it is female and WOC-founded, so a win-win-win all around. Now, the important part is: how are the products? Dear reader, you ask and I shall deliver.

I never tried a shampoo or conditioner bar before, but it was a pleasant and aromatic experience! I used the Dry/Curly line since I sport some bodacious kinks. It smells of sweet orange and patchouli (an elegant hippy vibe, I dig it). It lathers pretty well and rises out just as easily. I’ll be able to store this away in my backpack, taking up very little space, while nourishing my afro. Woo!

Dry /

Curly Hair Shampoo Bar

Dry / Curly Hair Conditioner Bar

I’m not sure how much shaving I’ll do in Mexico, but with Good Juju’s Moisturizing Shave Bar, I might be doing more than I expected! It goes on smooth and slick, allowing the razor to slip and slide, and leaving me soft as buttaaaaa. The scent is lavender, cedarwood, and rosemary — I’m transported to a woodland B&B somewhere Pacific Northwest, I swear.

Moisturizing Shave Bar

And for the product that had me do a triple take: Laundry Detergent Eco-Strips. These little papers are solid laundry detergent, literally PERFECT for travel! Each sheet is a load and you can break them up depending on how much you wish to wash. I chose summer rain and I can only imagine that’s how Mexico will smell when it rains. It got my clothes clean, clean, clean! Plus it’s powered by plant enzymes – how innovative. Kudos Good Juju, you’ll be traveling with me via backpack very soon.

Laundry Detergent Eco-Strips